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Azrath XI - Ov Tentacles And Spirals

Azrath XI
Ov Tentacles And Spirals
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 07 March 2013, 3:35 PM

Lovecraftian myths and legends, chronicles and stories from far beyond, all across continents and ages, land and sea, imagination has no end and it can reach higher levels of intensity. Fitting music to those tales might be easy, as being overly basic won't necessarily channel the layers and fragments of each story told. Therefore, a complicated mind setting, followed by a sense to achieve atmospheric greatness and above the proficient musicianship should come in handy. There have been plenty of examples that did wonders in the past, but I am trying to focus on the present, and my present is the new effort of the Italian, AZRATH XI (or 11), that have been producing an epic kind of Death music cemented with bits and shards of Norse kind of Black Metal, an impressive permutation of the late GOD DETHRONED, early DIMMU BORGIR and early MORBID ANGEL under nicely produced modernist showcase of vigorous potency. "Ov Tentacles And Spirals", is the band's second release, first via Punishment 18 Records, which consists of a sort of horrific, yet also majestic, conceptual creation vis-à-vis the world beneath the deep sea. Watch out, this is not going to be solely wet.

Generally describing "Ov Tentacles And Spirals", it can be inferred as a semi complex release that presents a band that has been honing their style for some time, ready to enact their own niche upon the Metal world. The first thing I noticed while listening to this release is how aggressive these guys are. Of course that they also applied several additional elements such as clean vocals, a few presentations of keyboards, along with meager guitar harmonies and various of short soloing displays, but the song merely took point with bombastic guitar riff based rhythms, chaotic drumming filled with fast paced bass drum outbreak as if the drummer has been working out his feet just for this release, and multi layered growl eruptions. Though the album's weakest link is the fact that AZRATH XI, while trying to land a fine dish of heavily riffing and the storm at sea like feeling, turned out boring with the same monotonous examples as on "He Who Dwells The Depths" or section of "Let The Realms Rise". There was also the raw oriented massacre of "Maelstrom Descent", which tended to be a bit tiresome due to the overly charged whirlwind causing disarray moments, which comprised of most of the song. Furthermore, respectfully, the cover for MORBID ANGEL's hit, "God Ov Emptiness", sounded atrocious, boring with the band's adaptation that made me wish for it to be over with.

On the other hand, that same material routed extraordinary aggressiveness, contributing to blood spilling heaviness of the riffs marking the roughness of the sea and the sensation of pandemonium due to the blasting of the skins like crushing waves, did more good rather than wrong for this release. The album's escalation into tinges of brutality comprised of nearly frenzied massiveness, provided by the general wall of sound, led to several extra crispy results in the vein of the somewhat Thrash / Death "Surge", Blackish oriented "Emblem Ov Primordial Tides" and "Enraging The Water Spirits" along with spirited rage of Poseidon of "Beholding The Oceans". Keep tight to what you hold dear as this ride is probably one of the roughest of this mixture of Metal's extreme children, a recommended album.             

3 Star Rating

1. Awaiting The Inexorable
2. Emblem Ov Primordial Tides
3. Enraging The Water Spirits
4. Maelstrom Descent
5. Domination Ov The Storms
6. Surge
7. Beholding The Oceans
8. Sunset Ov The Abysmal Embrace
9. Let The Realms Rise
10. He Who Dwells The Depths
11. God ov Emptiness (Morbid Angel cover)
Antheres Atras Exitvm – Vocals
Siderevs Ocvlvs Mvndi – Guitars / Vocals
Dioskouroi Deimos Faol – Bass / Vocals
Asmodeus Draco Dvx – Drums / Guitars / Keyboards / Vocals
Record Label: Punishment 18 Records


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