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Bloodlust – Cultus Diaboli Award winner

Cultus Diaboli
by Omnius D'Worgen at 12 August 2015, 8:49 PM

Ahh, who doesn't love the raw and unpolished sound and attitude of thrash and black metal? These two genres that took their DIY attitude straight from punk music always bears that signature recorded-in-a-cave sound (it's that bats that do it) that, if the spirit of the band is true to its sources and sounds, works magics only the raw can glimpse. "Cultus Diaboli" definitely carries both the sound and spirit of its genre's Founding Fathers. Rapid-fire straight-on guitars and drums, unholy screams and a fascination of the occult that is almost comical when viewed without the lensing effect of the music, Aussie band BLOODLUST's debut album does not disappoint.

The band uses to a great effect the combination of the atmospheric approach of black metal to brutality with thrash's more groovy one – leading to much more interesting songs than would be expected from such minimalist music. All rhythm parts are raw, heavy and dark – as well as the vocals. No surprises so far – these will come in a bit. One of the things I really like in any quintessential piece is one thing that is completely out of place. These are the kind of perversions that kept me out of the really good schools. Here, it is the much more melodic nature of the music found on the B-side ("Crowned In Black Fire" and onwards if you have the digital release) – really cool leads and more melodic ideas that diverge from the usual 100% brutality-fest that is most common here and breeds interest while taking nothing away from the violent and raw nature of the music. That's me – I look for melody everywhere, even where it's not supposed to be.

Making me even marginally interested in a blackened thrash project is an achievement all by itself. Making me like one – if that's not a stamp of approval, I don't know what is. Hail Satan.

3 Star Rating

1. Apocalyptic War Command
2. Sworn Servant Of The Devil
3. Black Blood Of Satan
4. Rex Inferni In Terra (The Antichrist Enthroned)
5. Crowned In Black Fire
6. Infernal Bloodlust
7. Spell Of The Raven Witch
8. Iron Tyrants
Disaster – Vocals, Drums
Spectre – Vocals, Guitar, & Bass
Record Label: Iron, Blood, And Death Corporation


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