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Bonfire – Fisftul Of Fire Award winner

Fisftul Of Fire
by Caio Botrel at 08 May 2020, 8:54 PM

BONFIRE is one of the biggest Hard Rock bands from Germany and world. They have a solid career with 48 years old of pure Rock N Roll. I had the great opportunity to interview Ronnie Parkes a few weeks ago and we chat about the album, recording and writing process and life. Getting to know a little bit of what they wanted to do with the album and how everything happened, made my listening of “Fistful Of Fire” way better. Let’s talk about it.

The opening track from the album is “The Joker” and it’s an instrumental song that starts out with a very beautiful guitar work and some flute arrangements. The melodies grows in you and its pretty epic. Perfect song to start their show. The next song “Gonna Get Away” starts out from where the opening song ended. The guitars comes in and there’s a high pitch vocal that will hit you right in the face. I must say that I loved the guitar tone, bass, drums and vocals as well. This song is pretty energectic and you will probably go crazy as soon as the chorus hits in.

The Devil Made Me Do It” starts out with a pretty epic orchestration and soon there’s a guitar work at full potency and truly inspiring. Its a darker song, but at the same time it still a pretty melodic. I loved the chorus and the vocal work in there is astonishing. This song has a lot of variaties and the guitar solo is pretty cool. Some parts of the song reminded me of ALICE COOPER and thats great.

Ride The Blade” starts out with a very beautiful guitar melody that grows slowly as the other instruments comes in. There’s a cool guitar riff at the beginning and some clean guitar arrangements when the vocals enters as well. The vocals here doesn’t sound that high and in a way they are more aggressive. Its problably because its a little bit darker. One of the highlights of the song is definetely the guitar work that is astonishing. Those guys know how to play and shred. Fuckin’ loved it.

When An Old Man Cries” is a ballad with everything that you ask for in that kind of song. It starts out with an incredible guitar sound and the vocals are so powerful that will touch you. The bass sound is pretty good as well and I liked the lines. The chorus are definetely one of the highlights of the song. Its powerful, melodic, epic and feels like all the instruments are sharing the same emotion. Thats a beautiful song… I’m touched by it.

Rock N Roll Survivors” was the first single and vídeo clip of the new album. The beginning of the riff reminded me of EDGUY and I liked it. This song is truly strong and it should definetely be considered as a new Metal Hymn. I don’t need to write anything else here.

Fire and Ice” starts out with a very aggressive guitar riff and with a slashing solo. I loved the guitar riffs here, they have a really cool dynamic and it gave the drums and bass more possibilites to work on. The vocal lines are pretty great and the backing vocals gave the song a different touch. This song has the most aggressive chorus from the whole album and I loved it. I’m just imagining how its gonna sound live with tons of people screaming it out loud.

"Warrior" has a totally 80's kind of sound and with the keyboards that became pretty famous in that era. I loved everything here and it's definitely one of the best songs on the whole album. You have everything you need here: great guitar sounds, great bass and drums, great vocals and a powerful energy that will bring you back to the 80's.

"Fire Etude" is an instrumental song with that the guitarists will definitely love. There are a lot of guitar shredding here and some parts reminded me of the great JASON BECKER. These guys can play, but most of all, they can write great solos. "Breaking Out" starts out hitting you right in the face with aggressive guitars, heavy bass lines and pretty strong drumming.  This song is full of great energy and the vocals sounds great here. The chorus will totally break you out. The guitar is insane and I loved it. Man… what a great song.

"Fistful Of Fire" is the title track of the album and it starts out with a heavy guitar riff that is marked by the hits on the drums and precise bass sound. There's a guitar solo that comes in to complete the madness. I think that the vocals here have a different approach and they fit really well this song. I really liked the arrangements of the song and the chorus is pretty cool. I can imagine a stadium surrounded by people screaming "fistful of fire".

"The Surge" is an instrumental song that has a very classical and tense piano sound, some orchestrations and a guitar work that helped  creating the ambiance. "Gloryland" is maybe one of the heaviest and most energectic songs on the whole album. It starts out with so much power that made me speechless. There are tons of things that I love on that song and I just will let you listen to it, because I can't even say much about it. Its incredible.

"When An Old Man Cries Acoustic Version" as the name says its the acoustic version of the same track that we have on the album. It starts out with beautiful acoustic guitars and there's a beautiful melody played by the guitar. The vocals fits pretty well that version and its the kind of song that you would play around a bonfire with your friends while sharing stories and drinking something. Beautiful song.

BONFIRE have written and released a great Hard Rock album that will definitely be one of the best releases of the year. All the songs are well written, the instruments were well recorded and the production is great. I loved how they added some different vibes and tried new things, but kept their identity. This is the album that will put them among the giants of Rock N Roll history.

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. The Joker
2. Gotta Get Away
3. The Devil Made Me Do It
4. Ride The Blade
5. When An Old Man Cries
6. Rock N Roll Survivors
7. Fire And Ice
8. Warrior
9. Fire Etude
10. Breaking Out
11. A Fistful Of Fire
12. The Surge
13. Gloryland
14. When An Old Man Cries (Acoustic)
Alexx Stahl – Vocals
Hans Ziller – Guitars and Backing Vocals
Frank Pane – Guitars and Backing Vocals
Ronnie Parkes – Bass and Backing Vocals
Andre Hilgers – Drums
Record Label: AFM Records


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