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Blind Scryer – Blind Scryer

Blind Scryer
Blind Scryer
by Dave Nowels at 10 May 2019, 8:12 PM

Louisville, Kentucky is where BLIND SCRYER call home. The five piece band takes a healthy base of Stoner Doom and blends in a Classic Metal attitude to top off their sound. The band formed in 2016 and has built a strong local following through word of mouth, a result of their live performances. Their unique combination of sounds reminds one of SAXON, GRIM REAPER and maybe a touch of vintage METAL CHURCH.

“Ride the Sun”opens the album and definitely takes on a stronger aforementioned SAXON feel that's fun, melodic and catchy. It's not without a head scratcher though. About midway through, there's a breakdown that almost seems like a mistake, though it's undoubtedly intended. Regardless, I found the song quite enjoyable. “Snake Handler” follows and continues a similar sound (albeit without the questionable breakdown). The next track, “Delta V” is where things got much more interesting for me. Darker, and much more sinister sounding, the song instantly stood out as a highlight. Again, the band follows it up with a similar approach with “Mask”, this one failed to connect with me as much as it's predecessor.

Next up is the fuzz laden namesake track, “Blind Scryer”. Once again, there's a tempo change that I found questionable, but 'm beginning to wonder if that's just one of the band's unique qualities. If so, it just fails to resonate for me. “Backslide” opens with percussion and some low end rumbles before channeling a bluesy Stoner/Doom feel complete with prominent cymbal crashes and an overall SABBATHesque feel. Cool backing chord progression here is a fun play on the title. Another highlight for me. “Song 4” and “Ten Year Bender”continue the riff heavy approach that makes up the album's back half. The album closes out with “Slow Movin'” in the same vein.

There's definitely some uniqueness happening here, and that needs to applauded. There's plenty of promise in BLIND SCRYER's sound. Enough to have me interested in the fact that the band indicates it'll be working on a 2020 release to shop to bigger record labels. I think the band will really benefit from more studio time honing their sound more, and will particularly reap the rewards of working with better production.

Songwriting: 7
Originality: 7
Memorability: 7
Production: 5

3 Star Rating


1. Ride the Sun
2. Snake Handler
3. Delta V
4. Mask
5. Blind Scryer
6. Backslide
7. Song 4
8. Ten Year Bender
9. Slow Movin'

Blair Yoke - Vocals
Jeff Smith - Guitar
River Jordan - Guitar
Jeremy Stein - Bass/Cello
Trent Combs – Drums/Vibraslap
Record Label: Independent


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