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Baalberith - Apparition Of Skulls

Apparition Of Skulls
by Aaron "Five Magics" Price at 03 September 2014, 4:20 PM

For fans of EMPEROR, old school BEHEMOTH, BURZUM or any other Black Metal powerhouse, I’d like to welcome you to Sixsixsix Music's newest addition to their roster, BAALBERITH. The bands name comes from an old god of a city known as Caananite, the god later became known as a demon by Christians everywhere. What's better than to name your Black Metal band after a demon? Wondering if the album holds any demonic powers? Stick around and find out.

BAALBERITH stick to decent song lengths, averaging about four and a half to five minutes. One song sticks out from their album, "Apparition Of Skulls", is the title track; it’s your normallly long Black Metal song, spanning more than seven minutes. Opening the album "Quest For Satan" and "Battle For The Blazing Dawn" get you ready for what's to come, unrelenting Black Metal full of blastbeats, terrifying riffs and evil vocals. For whatever reason whenever the second guitar kicks in, it overpowers everything, making other instrumentals, and sometimes even the vocals, hard to hear. "Abortion Of Religion Futility" is straight up old school Black Metal with riffs you could expect to hear from any old Black Metal band, and the normal "UUUUGGGHH" Black Metal noise. The closing track is my favourite though, "Killing On Impulse" consists of multiple sections with different feels, the riffs are always amazing, but unfortunately, my favourite riff in this track gets completely shut out by the second guitar coming in after just one bar. The song also has a sample about people "Killing On Impulse" and will always keep you glued.

"I kill for you, I die for you, SATAN" will be stuck in your head after listening to this album, and that line is in the first song! Outside of when the second guitar overpowers everything, this album is a Black Metal masterpiece. Sixsixsix Music struck gold signing BAALBERITH, and anyone who likes Black Metal will have a new band to get into!

3 Star Rating

1. Quest For Satan
2. Battle For The Blazing Dawn
3. Apparition Of Skulls
4. Bloodshed
5. Infinite Malevolence
6. Abortion Of Religious Futility
7. Killing On Impulse
Razakel - Vocals, Guitars
Valefar - Drums
Record Label: Sixsixsix Musix


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