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Baalberith / Hex Morbidity / Forneus - In Satans Honor

Baalberith / Hex Morbidity / Forneus
In Satans Honor
by Emily Coulter at 16 January 2014, 1:54 AM

“In Satan’s Honor” is the latest split EP from bands BAALBERITH, HEX MORBIDITY and FORNEUS, all have a unique sound but still have a good old fashioned Black Metal theme to their music. Each band on the EP has three songs each but is certainly enough to win any Black Metal fan over.

The first band to be played is BAALBERITH with a strong dark sound to rival bands such as GORGOROTH and WATAIN.  ''Abortion Of Religious Frutility'' has Razakel's rough voice leading the rest of the band, though this is one of the heavier tracks of the EP it does have a melodic element to it so that it's still catchy to listen to. Abaddon, despite the poor recording quality still manages to pull out solo's which make the song more exciting than it ever could be.

BAALBERITH continue on with the dark and sinister sound in ''Apparition Of Skulls''. Razakel's voice is as deep as the pits of hell joined by the gritty guitar work and blunt drumming from Valefar but the next track ''Quest For Satan'' takes on a whole new level in their music. The final song from the band is darker and more satanic than the rest with everything coming together to sound truly evil, if you want to hear a heavier and better version of DEICIDE then BAALBERITH are for you.

The next band on the EP is HEX MORBIDITY, slightly lighter than the other two bands but it really makes a difference from the sheer heaviness of the previous band. ''Holy Shrines'' is the first song from the band, though it is good it just lacks something to make it superb. The drums could be a lot faster and the guitars could be in a better tuning but Jarod Lawley's vocals give a raw edge. Old school Black Metal comes back to life in ''Stench Of Lord And Lamb'' which is melodically heavy with brutally haunting vocals within it. The riffs are catchy and the drums are a lot more enjoyable than the previous which makes it the highlight of their 3 song debut. ''Unbaptized'' is the final song from HEX MORBIDITY and may only be 2.37minutes long but it certainly does the job to impress you. Its catchy riffs with blunt drumming and rough vocals fit so perfectly together it's impossible to fault in any way.

The final band on the EP is FORNEUS who are easily the best band featured with so many elements coming together in their music. ''Blood Eagle (The Exile)'' is 10.39 minutes long but is enjoyable throughout, Lorgar's vocals are perfect for their sound and the riffs are rough but catchy. The song is easily the best on the whole EP as they sound so modern with just a hint of 1st wave Black Metal. ''Embrace The Covenant'' is for anyone who loves the legendary MAYHEM, with its ''Freezing Moon'' style intro it is instantly easy to remember. The song has fast drumming from Xjort which only enhances Etherium's guitar skills which combine with Lorgar on bass. Final song of the EP is ''Litanies Of Hatred'' which is faster than anyone could ever imagine, it's hard to think how all the band members can keep up with each other. Xjort is at his drumming peak with his blast beats increasingly getting faster throughout and Etherium's guitar work is something to be idolized.

The 3 way split ''In Satans Honor'' featuring BAALBERITH, HEX MORBIDIY and FORNEUS is something every Black Metal enthusiasts needs in their life, each band are heavily talented and are the new breed of Metal which is making its way to success. FORNEUS are the best band featured but the others are not far behind both having such individual sounds. 

4 Star Rating

1. Abortion Of Religious Futility (Baalberith)
2. Apparition Of Skulls (Baalberith)
3. Quest For Satan (Baalberith)
4. Holy Shrines (Hex Morbidity)
5. Unbaptized (Hex Morbidity)
6. Stench Of Lord And Lamb (Hex Morbidity)
7. Blood Eagle (The Exile) (Forneus)
8. Embrace The Covenant (Forneus)
9. Litanies Of Hatred (Forneus)
Razakel – Vocals
Abaddon – Guitars
Raiijin – Bass
Valefar – Drums

Jarod Lawley – Guitar/Vocals
Chris Davies – Bass

Lorgar – Vocals/Bass
Etherium – Guitar
Xjort – Drums
Record Label: Independent


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