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Babylonfall - Collapse

by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 17 March 2020, 10:27 AM

BABYLONFALL was formed in 2016 with vocalist Okko Solanterä, guitarists Esa Viren and Ossi Viren, bassist Matti Huopainen and drummer Mikko Huopainen. The band rose from the ashes of the members’ previous projects that had more or less crashed. Their mission was to have a solid line-up and to create modern metal with an old-school vibe. In 2016-2017, few demo songs and a handful of gigs were made, but the band soon began to vision their full debut album. The album was written and produced in 2018-2019 and finally got a 2020 release date. “Collapse” contains ten tracks.

“Murder of Crows” opens with a mid-tempo pace and fierce and deep Death Metal vocals. The riffing is fairly straightforward but they do change up the key of the vocals in the chorus. “Awakening” opens with a slightly darker tone and a charging rhythm in the guitars. The vocals are great but it’s the riffs that need some work…they are too unilateral and have to really work to get off the ground. Some cleans come out in the chorus. “Blood will be my Crown” has a slow and grinding pace with a mixture of harsh and clean vocals. I like clean vocals, but probably would prefer the Death vocals here, as they are very rich.

“Silence” is too similar in pacing and sound as some of the previous tracks. The vocals again are outstanding here. But the music needs some considerable work. “We become one” relies on more open notes to pass along the sound. They need to vary things up a bit to gain more interest in their music. This sound has been done and re-done before. Think outside the box. “Celestials” is yet another mid-tempo song but at least packs some punch. Too many mid-tempo songs can bog down an album, and that is what we have going on here. “Stars and Constellations” offer the first bit of variation in the opening sequence, but it doesn’t last long. The cleans in the chorus are a little bit better done here, and the melancholy nature of the song stands out.

“Wrath” opens with some solemn and ominous tones. The song features another mid-tempo pace and just relies too much on open notes in the riffing. “Burning Daylight” opens with some clean guitars and then the sound drops hard and heavy. They definitely have the Death side of the genre down, but need help in the melody department. The riffs are just too trite, and the pacing the same from track to track. I call this the “mid-tempo blues.” When too many of the songs have the same pace, the album can easily blur together and become forgettable. This being a newer band and their debut album, it can be expected. They do however have a great vocalist and if they can work on the music a little bit, good thing can come in the future.

Songwriting: 5
Musicianship: 6
Memorability: 3
Production: 8

2 Star Rating

1. Murder of Crows
2. Awakening
3. Blood will be my Crown
4. Silence
5. We Become one
6. Celestials
7. Stars and Constellations
8. Wrath
9. Burning Daylight
10. Distant Call of Innocence
Okko Solanterä – Vocals
Esa Viren – Guitar
Ossi Viren – Guitar
Matti Huopainen – Bass
Mikko Huopainen – Drums
Record Label: Inverse Records


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