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Backdawn - I Shall Burn Your Empire Award winner

I Shall Burn Your Empire
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 28 January 2017, 6:18 AM

I know that a lot of Metal fans complain when I speak the truth about this trend from the 80’s that is devastating what Metal is up to. But I always remind the words from bands from the 80s, when I was just a teenager in love with Metal: “you must be yourself, to create your own musical identity”, and it is clear that followers will only follow and are left for the dead, leaders create their own path and will be remembered as heroes. I can be wrong, but the French band BACKDAWN is ready to become new heroes, as “I Shall Burn Your Empire”, their second album, is here to prove.

It’s a particular and modern way to play Thrash/Groove Metal with clear influences from PANTERA and SEPULTURA, but with a modern insight and some touches of melodies from traditional Heavy Metal. But the way they create their songs is really different and unique. It’s not a new style, but a different way of playing it, sounding aggressive and abrasive, but with some excellent melodic moments in the middle of the musical aggressiveness of their songs, and using clean Progressive voices (as you can hear on “This is My Will”).

Clément Decrock recorded and mixed the album, and Jeff Waters (guitarist from Canadian Sasquatch ANNIHILATOR) made the mastering. So it’s not a surprise that the album has an amazing sound quality, being aggressive and abrasive, brutal in the due moments, but clean enough for us all to understand what they are doing.

All the songs are really excellent, but “You Raised Me to Fall” with its good and brutal elements (and showing amazing guitar riffs and modern Metal influences), the bitter aggressiveness of “I Shall Burn Your Empire” (with some introspective and climatic moments, showing how bass guitar and drums are doing great on the album), the modern melodies and tunes of “Of Sand and Blood” (the guitar riffs and tunes bring their work near of modern Metal styles), the excellent melodies and groove presented on “Call for War”, the hooking tempos of “This is My Will” (an avalanche of excellent riffs and fine work from vocals), and the oppressive and modern ones “Surrounded by Fire” and “Revelations” can be named as the album’s finest moments.

These guys are going to be great, I have no doubt about that!

Originality: 9
Songwriting: 10
Memorability: 8
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. You Raised Me to Fall
2. I Shall Burn Your Empire
3. Of Sand and Blood
4. The Path to Glory
5. Call for War
6. I Saw Him Drowning
7. Fallen Brother
8. This is My Will
9. Condamned to Suffer
10. Surrounded by Fire
11. Kill Yourself
12. Revelations
Chris Snaeder – Vocals, lead guitars
Tisa Helvegr – Rhythm guitars
Will Baake – Bass
Record Label: Independent


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