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Backwater - Take Extreme Forms Award winner

Take Extreme Forms
by Eddie "Deaddie" McConnaughy at 01 January 2014, 2:18 AM

BACKWATER is a German pounding Metal ensemble that has lasted from the early 80’s. The album “Take Extreme Forms” is their third full length album. Their music is heavy but not the extreme of death. They definitely have some catchy tunes that keep you moving while you listen. The vocals are not really harsh but totally clean either. There is definitely a groove to what they do.

The harmony is wonderful. Everybody is together and on time. The drums, although, there is some double bass, are mostly relatively simple. They keep the time and the beat magnificently. The guitar work is not bad; they certainly blend with the drums, creating the main melody of the song. The bass work is right on target holding the whole piece together. There is a little intricacy to the music but just enough to compliment the sound that they are producing. The vocalist is not growling or screaming, but there is a level of harshness to his voice. This is another one of those half harsh half clean vocals, (reminds me of CHROME DIVISION).

Over all I enjoyed the album. They’re heavy enough, without having to go to the extreme. The music all flows smoothly, and has a certain level of groove to it. As a band that has survived for over two decades, they are exactly what I expect them to be. 

5 Star Rating

1. Arise
2. New Fire
3. Run or Die
4. Take Extreme Forms
5. The World
6. Deepest Black
7. Aliens Blood
8. Burn
9. Nuts and Nuts
10. Grizzly Bear
11. Crush
12. Tale and Doom
Thomas Guschelbauer - Guitars
Lothar Lauble - Guitars
Miguel Di Muzio - Bass
Steffen Gottwald - Drums
Olli Hirsch – Vocals
Record Label: Iron Shield Records


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