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Backyard Mortuary - Lure Of The Occult

Backyard Mortuary
Lure Of The Occult
by Dorothy Cheng at 17 June 2013, 3:43 PM

There’s something about Australia, or rather, there’s nothing like Australia, as their tourism tagline says. Anyone who frequents the internet and its many websites of black hole quality will know the jokes and jives about Australia being the land in which everything has evolved to murder the wits out of you. And maybe it’s that quality that has lent such intense brutality to all the Metal bands that come from there.

BACKYARD MORTUARY formed in 2002 in Sydney, and maybe I should let them speak for themselves here: “Hailing from Australia, BACKYARD MORTUARY formed in 2002 with the morbid intention of vomiting out some foul and putrid Death Metal.” This was found in their Facebook page, and in just one sentence alone they managed to use Death Metal vernacular staples such as “morbid”, “vomit”, “foul”, and “putrid”. This alone gives you an idea of what kind of people BACKYARD MORTUARY is made up of.

The intro track had a significant Doom Metal feel about it, putting into the sight the versatility of the band to incorporate different influences under the Death Metal flag and foundation. They continue this trend with the next track, which bursts to life with as much speed and brutality as you would come to expect from any Death Metal band.

The production quality brings out the best of the “echo effect” – that hollow sound behind the bass often present in older Death Metal records. This adds to the general atmosphere of the songs, bringing up the morbidity value and putting the band’s old school influences into focus. The band managed to switch effortlessly between more Doom-ish songs and faster, more riff-heavy songs, all the while maintaining the same standard of brutality and attitude. The musicians are all top-notch, as is expected with Death Metal bands, but the solos were particularly outstanding what with their almost SLAYER-esque chaotic solos.

All this comes together to exhort BACKYARD MORTUARY's love for old school Death Metal. They brought it out extremely well in the album yet managed to distinguish themselves from the slew of old-school tribute bands out there by bringing some Doom Metal influences into the album.

Lovers of old-school Death Metal will not be able to resist this gem. The band has expertly and craftily taken all the strengths of old-school and enhanced it with new-school technology and tenacity, coupling it with some cheeky variation with Doom Metal. Those seeking to satiate their old-school addiction will do well to seek out this new drug of an album. "Lure Of The Occult" will certainly be luring new fans into their pit. 

4 Star Rating

1. Last Rites
2. Beyond the Grave
3. Mutation
4. Diseased
5. Deprivation
6. Macabre Butchery
7. Lure of the Occult
8. Demon’s Blood
Bianca Jamett – Bass
Chris Archer – Vocals
Stuart Prickett – Guitars
David Thomas – Guitars
John McLaughlin – Drums
Record Label: Blood Harvest Records


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