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Bad Bones - Demolition Derby Award winner

Bad Bones
Demolition Derby
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 08 April 2017, 10:50 AM

Once more, an Italian band comes to bring the house down, and to show that Italy is really one great warehouse for excellent bands from any Metal/Rock style you want. From the City of Mondovi comes a great quartet, called BAD BONES, who are  releasing their fourth album, unleashing their Rock ‘n’ Roll energy on all of us with “Demolition Derby”. Melodic and really amazing, the quartet focuses their efforts on a form of Hard Rock/Glam Metal with some influences from AOR/Arena Rock. Yes, they really learned from bands such as JOURNEY, FOREIGNER and many others. But their songs have no keyboards parts to become more musically accessible for a broader public. But they are truly amazing with this melodic form of music, with very good choruses, fine arrangements and an amazing catchy outfit. None of their songs are expendable…all are really excellent.

The producer of the album did a fine job, really! The sound quality is clean and with very good instrumental tunes, creating the right atmosphere for the songs shine with an excellent melodic outfit, but with great amounts of energy coming from them. The sound flows in a clear manner, but of course you will feel the raw energy from Hard Rock/Glam Metal as well, in that outrageous touch that is essential. Catchy melodies, songs that are easy to be understand, very good vocals, fine guitar work, and a solid rhythmic basis are the elements that the band uses. Speaking this way, their musical work seems nothing different, but listen and you’ll be seduced by BAD BONES.

Their finest moments: the catchy energetic duo of “Me Against Myself” and “Endless Road” (both with excellent vocals and guitar riffs, and amazing choruses showing fine backing vocals), the heavy and really hypnotizing “Some Kind of Blues” (where bass guitar and drums are doing an excellent work), the energy with a scent of aggressiveness on “Stronger”, the evident musical accessibility on “Rusty Broken Song” and “A Perfect Alibi”, and… Wait a moment! Listen to the entire album, you all! The band’s work is really excellent (the only thing I see that could be changed is the number of ballads, for one per album is more than enough).  Have a good time with this!

Originality: 9
Songwriting: 10
Memorability: 8
Production: 10

4 Star Rating

1. Me Against Myself
2. Endless Road
3. Some Kind of Blues
4. Stronger
5. Rambling Heart
6. Rusty Broken Song
7. Red Sun
8. A Perfect Alibi
9. Shoot You Down
10. The Race
11. Demolition Derby
Max Malmerenda - Vocals
Sergio Aschieris - Guitars
Steve Balocco - Bass
Lele Balocco - Drums
Record Label: Sliptrick Records


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