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Bad Image Company - Dirty Grunchez

Bad Image Company
Dirty Grunchez
by Michael Bischoff at 09 February 2017, 11:16 PM

My first two thoughts after reading the band name were firstly, wow, cool name and secondly, I bet they sound like a southern rock combo with Metal influences, a thought substantiated after hearing the opening guitar chords of the first track. After delving a bit further into the bands biography though I was surprised to find that, not only do they hail from Mannheim/Germany but also that they sound nothing like what I first suspected them to, coming across like a bastard child amalgamation of Metal, Rock and Punk instead of the Southern Rock sound that I was expecting.  First song ‘’Courage’’ underlines that aforementioned observation in that it kicks off with a dirty Corrosion of Conformity inspired bass riff before transforming into a no holds barred straight ahead rock song with a cool bass guitar break and whisky drenched vocals that adds authenticity to the band’s sound.

After initially thinking that I had this band’s sound pegged, second song ‘’Drunken and Alone’’ bursts out of the speakers with an attitude filled ‘’Eat this’’ from vocalist Max Freudenberg accompanied with a guitar riff that sounds at once sleazy and dirty, the band here sounding more like a dirtier version of the Backyard Babies than the aforementioned C.O.C, the gang shouts that kick in later during the track only accentuating that impression.

Fourth song ‘’When Pigs fly’’ ( what an absolutely brilliant song title ), starts off acoustically and remains that way for the most part before a punk tinged riff kicks in offsetting the mood. What is noticeable here is the versatility of the vocals, singer Max switching from almost softly sung melodies to a Lemmy and whisky tinged approach, showcasing an impressive vocal range.

Next is the aptly titled ‘’Fuck the Police’’ that is as the title suggests a snotty and fast song with cool backing vocals, the song sounding more like a pure punk song filled with anti-authoritarian attitude and a shit grinning snarl in the vocal department. The impressive combination of bass guitar and drums only adding to the ‘’ We do not give a flying fuck ‘’ attitude the song transports.

Unlike the previously described anti police song ‘’Bad Losers’’ starts of like a blues number before the song turns into another fist pumping sleaze rock fest filled with attitude and youthful abandon.

Tenth song ‘’Away’’ is one of the longer songs on the album and one that deals with relationship troubles  and the loss of innocence  with cool vocals and simply but effective main guitar riff intercept with acoustic breaks, the song gaining speed the further it goes along bringing to the front some impressive guitar work with a cool melodic lead and an almost Thin Lizzy like duel guitar attack, even though only one guitar seems to be involved, the song ending with an unexpected double bass flourish before reverting back to the opening acoustic riff.

Although this is only their 1st proper full length album, what is impressive is the bands versatility combining everything from Motorhead to Backyard Babies/Motley Crue type sounds right through to Blues influenced and melodic sounding songs.  Seeing that the band are still young and full of energy if they can keep this up then they will have a bright future ahead of them. This band has massive potential and although the production is somewhat lacking in the sonic department, I cannot get around giving them a more than solid 8 out of 10 as they combine everything I like about Rock and Metal. Kick Ass band, kick ass album. Prost!!

Songwriting: 9/10
Originality: 8/10
Memorability: 9/10
Production: 7/10

4 Star Rating

1. Courage.
2. Drunk and Alone.
3. Friday Night Patrol.
4. I’ve seen pigs fly.
5. Fuck the Police.
6. Bad Losers.
7. Die sick Nation.
8. Cocaine.
9. Suey Sus Suicide.
10. Away.
11. On the run.
12. Rest In peace.
13. I am a Hippie.
14. Questions. 
Herman Flanell  – Guitars and vocals
Darko Mohedien  – Guitars and Backing Vocals
Olli Nörtsch - Drums and Percussion
Tobi Kempf  – Bass
Record Label: 7Hard Records


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