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Bad Whispers – Burn Out

Bad Whispers
Burn Out
by Joseph Brewer at 22 September 2020, 2:26 AM

Burn Out” is the debut album from French rock quintet, BAD WHISPERS. Formed in 2016 in Vichy and Clermont-Ferrand, pioneers Jo Courtinat (Guitar/Vocals) and Loïc Pean (Drums) had been working together for years and were seeking out other musicians as motivated as they were to create amazing heavy metal music. Influenced by some of the greats like IRON MAIDEN, GUNS N’ ROSES, and more modern stars, ALTER BRIDGE, BAD WHISPERS sought to continue that legacy of powerful rock music. After releasing a 4 track EP in 2017, the audience and fan response from their music was so positive that BAD WHISPERS knew they should continue as a band. They did not hold back. “Burn Out” is a beast of an album, with a run time of about an hour spread over 13 tracks.

Out of the gate, the interesting thing for me about BAD WHISPERS’ sound is that it’s really a blend of a few different main genres. While they identify themselves as modern rock, some of their song structures came off with a strong progressive flair. As a reviewer, this is very interesting as each song transcends the sort of standard hard rock style and structure that is so common (and sometimes repetitive). The addition of breakdowns or certain complex moments adds a new flavor to an overall heavy, badass sound.

A short instrumental intro, “Nothing To Hope” sets the mood for the album. Slow, dark bass, and guitar notes trudge forward with menacing whispers zooming around your headphones. This kicks straight into the title track “Burn Out”, where we get that first taste of the heavy metal sound that BAD WHISPERS can deliver. Nothing is held back as the song starts with a strong bass kick and chunky, massive riffs. When main vocalist Ben Red Trigger entered the song, I was immediately blown away by his voice. It truly is a force to behold as he belts out each lyric, majestic and strong. This only gets better when the chorus is reached as they layer his voice for maximum effect. Catchy and powerful, “Burn Out” is easily one of the best tracks on the album.

Go Home Tonight” cranks the speed up a bit with a non-stop heartbeat rhythm that  underscores the entire song. Highlights of this track are the energetic call and response chorus and a killer guitar solo. The next song to really jump out to me was “Your Ride”. Fast, moving intro with the guitars at full blast and Pean laying down some excellent drum fills. During the verses, this action gets subdued a bit, but comes back often enough in the song to keep your headbanging. “The Beast” is up next, and contrary to the title, it gets off to a mellow, harmonious beginning. Actually, the song overall sounds like it was ripped out of the better parts of SOUNDGARDEN’s catalogue. Trigger adds a nasally element to his delivery, which contributes to the 90’s grunge throwback feel of the song. Topped off with a beautiful chorus and a soaring guitar solo, this ballad is another highlight of “Burn Out”.

The last track I want to bring up is another banger, “Hell Will Be My Reward”. This is another song that demonstrates the complexity and power that BAD WHISPERS is capable of delivering. From thundering, breakneck guitar action, to thumping bass lines, with constant, interesting drums, and gritty vocals, this song is battle worthy from start to finish. With an emphasis on being heavy, BAD WHISPERS honors and exceeds the expectations of the classic rock bands that influence them. I can only imagine the energy they would bring to a live show and would definitely recommend “Burn Out” to any modern heavy metal fan.

Favorite Songs: “Burn Out”, “The Beast”, “Hell Will Be My Reward

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 6
Production: 7

4 Star Rating

1. Nothing To Hope
2. Burn Out
3. Go Home Tonight
4. Burning Wings
5. Alone In The Desert
6. Lost In Your Eyes
7. Your Ride
8. The Beast
9. Get You Back To Me
10. Now And Here
11. Pretty Woman
12. Hell Will Be My Reward
13. Goodbye
Ben Red Trigger – Vocals
Jo Courtinat – Guitar, Vocals
Chris Whisp – Guitar
Guillaume Néel – Bass
Loïc Pean – Drums
Record Label: Independent


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Edited 03 June 2023

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