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Bad Acid - Tab VII (A&V 'zine) (CD)

Bad Acid
Tab VII (A&V 'zine)
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 26 February 2009, 8:02 PM

Does your insurance cover your dead and gone brain cells? If yes, then proceed to reading this review/presentation and checking out the latest issue of Bad Acid zine. The man behind this zine, Dave Gedge, was kind enough to send us Tab VII for a presentation in Metal Temple and I was more than glad to take a look at it and while trying to maintain my mental health show you that this guy surely knows how to do some professional and pretty unique work.

The latest issue of this UK zine - actually audiomagazine as he calls it - is here to offer many hours of musical orgasm and a huge number of bands. Many band presentations, reviews, interviews, mp3's, videos and totally fucked up psychedelic art is given to you through your… screen. Yeah, you heard me right. Bad Acid is actually a folded car sleeve wrapping two discs together. The first one is a 17 hour / 117 band mp3 audiodisc that features bands ranging from Post Rock and Ambient music to brutal Black and Death Metal, as well as a sampler from Alampo Records. The other disc is a 105 minute DVD that contains video interviews with THE MELVINS and CELTIC FROST, promo videos from PHANTOMSMASHER, MOTLEY MOTION, VIBRAVOID, SPACE SHUTTLE PILOTS and JACULA, as well as live footage from bands like ORESUND SPACE COLLECTIVE, MORKOBOT, RAMESSES and ISIS!

The magazine is featured in the mp3 disc as a pdf file and it features 90 delicious pages with highlights like the interviews with Randy Holden (BLUE CHEER) and the amazing Doom/Sludge act LAZARUS BLACKSTAR. Let me add here that Bad Acid may have a wide variety of heavy sounds, but its main feature is the Doom/Sludge/Stoner music and all the sounds related to it. I guess it is kind of obvious from the LSD influenced art that it's dressed in.

My personal opinion is that you should definitely check this audiomagazine out and see for yourselves that this hard working man has done a marvelous job and he deserves your support. Just one advice, do not try to read it all at once or you'll have some serious problems. The mindfucking music and the weird art in its pages will probably drive you insane! Support the underground bitches!

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