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Baden Metal Volume 3 - The Griffin Has Landed

Baden Metal Volume 3
The Griffin Has Landed
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 23 September 2015, 2:13 PM

Since the 80s, compilations are a form used to spread the names of many bands to a broader public with only one release. And some of them are truly legendary, as the North American compilation series "Metal Massacre" (the shown the world names as METALLICA, SLAYER, FLOTSAM & JETSAM, and many others), the English "Lead Weight" (which revealed names as RAVEN, VENOM and BLITZKRIEG), and the Brazilian "Warfare Noise" series (that showed the world names as SARCÓ FAGO, CHAKAL, and WITCHHAMMER). Now, We have the third volume from "Baden Metal" series. And it seems to be composed of bands from Baden-Württemberg region, in Germany, and is supported by the bands that took part on the project, along with organizers, clubs, D.J.'s and labels in the region. It's good to see a new way of doing such good work.

As a compilation, you can find bands from different styles, but on this volume, we find  great quantity of extreme Metal bands, especially from Death Metal (that seems to follow the melodic/Viking way), so this diversity that turns my work of writing very difficult is a very good thing to the fans, because you'll hear 16 different bands, and that's good.The sound quality is very good in mean values, for it changes from band to band, some using a cleaner quality, others preferring something more harsh, but as I told above, in the mean values, it's very good, and we can understand what each band is doing with no problem at all.

All the bands are doing a fine work, and deserves to have their own works, but the best ones are LYFTHRASYR with the brutal and technical "Evolution" (very fine use from keyboards in the middle of the oppressive rhythmic session), NACHTSCHATTEN with "Blitzschlag" (a Death Metal band that uses some good melodies and has a catching work), STILLBORN INC. with "War" (another Death Metal band, using a more mid tempo paced song, with very good guitars), THE LAST DAYS OF FALL playing "Sinners" (Death Metal with very good melodic embodiment, using some complex melodies on guitars along with the vocalist's grunts), and the Pagan Death Metal from BATTLEMAGE on "Cold Winter's Night". Besides I take extreme Metal bands as the best songs, there are non extreme Metal presented on this compilation. A good work, indeed, and hope that a fourth one can come in the future.

4 Star Rating

1. LYFTHRASYR - Evolution
2. NACHTSCHATTEN - Blitzschlag
4. ZOMBIESLUT - Revenge Pf The Malevolent Unmade
5. CONVICTORS - Proclivity
7. SKALDHEIM - Mother Of A Thousand
8. AEGLOS - Gil-Galad
9. BATTLEMAGE - Cold Winter's Night
10. V-HAJD - I Don't Need
11. THEPROPHECY23 - Pit Laserbeam
12. THE RUMP SHAKING RIDER CREW - Vodca Woman Cluttony
13. DEIN FEUER - Spieglein, Spieglein
14. BLINDFALL - Ending
15. DISTRESSED TO MARROW - Revelation Of Insanity
16. AJANA - In The Past I Thrive
Not Available
Record Label: Baden Metal


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Edited 06 February 2023

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