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Badmouth - Heavy Metal Parking Lot Award winner

Heavy Metal Parking Lot
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 01 December 2011, 4:35 PM

This is probably the best BADMOUTH I have ever heard this time around, and it even didn’t talk trash back at me but only shouted with pride. The only sensation I was going through, while I was listening to the current howls that are the meaning of class, was the burning pains from my headbanging and the fast beats of my heart. This BADMOUTH I am talking about is actually a band, originating from Sweden, that really kicked me hard with outstanding Hard Rock & Heavy Metal from the pits of the early 80s and late 70s. Honestly I haven’t heard their debut album but their second incoming “Heavy Metal Parking Lot” made me their new fan.

It looked to me pretty obvious that this band has been taking its influences from some of the greater good of the classic eras of Metal and Rock, mainly from the British Isle. Unlike the Glam scene of Sweden that has its turn on from most the sleaze L.A. machine, BADMOUTH’s music is like a mixture of BLACK SABBATH, SAXON, KISS, DEF LEPPARD, JUDAS PRIEST and early IRON MAIDEN. What made me adore this album in overall was the utmost astonishing melodic and harmonized intellect that inspired BADMOUTH to some of the best written hits that the year 2011 saw come alive.

The main covenants of the music were the catchy sense that wasn’t tarnished by cheesiness and a well produced sound that fits well with the timeline that was presented. The compositions consisted of easy listeners, simple riffs without messing things up with tough complexities, highly glossy solos and lead guitar touches played by the capable hands of Randy Joy, varied beats and a voice, by Tom Pearson, that was as if it was thrown right in my face back from the late 70s that sang some memorable rhythms that will glue themselves to the very deep ends of the mind for a long period of time for sure. In general, BADMOUTH shifted between Rock and Metal in such a smooth manner that when I got locked to a certain track I didn’t even notice. That is pure quality. As for the sound, it fitted immensely by not being too updated by the spirit of the modern times. The production introduced a band that crossed eras with a blast while keeping true to the vintage echoes of musical history.

I admired for almost 99% of “Heavy Metal Parking Lot” and I think you would be too. The easiness of the music written with taste without sounding extra crisp and tacky maintains hit tracks that the main ones were the ballad “Jake Brakes”, the KISS meets IRON MAIDEN “Silver Lining”, mysteries will never die with “Son Of Sam”, if you need to smoke some good pot come to this “Heavy Metal Parking Lot” and it would be shame if I would forget the heat coming out of the “City Is Burning”. To conclude, go buy this frickin’ album and you won’t be sorry, I vouch for those guys and may their upcoming release will be as good as this one.

4 Star Rating

1.Son Of Sam
2. Radiator
3. Judas
4. Silver Lining
5. City Is Burning
6. Tired
7. Bottoms Up
8. Blue Ribbon Days
9. Heavy Metal Parking Lot
10. Jake Brakes
11. Facing My Demons 
Tom Pearson- Vocals
Chris LeMon- Bass
Randy Joy- Lead guitar
Mike Hill- Rhythm guitar
Vinnie Sharpe- Drums
Record Label: Rambo Music


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