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Baest - Justitia

by Savely Nevzorov at 24 August 2022, 7:47 PM

BAEST is a Danish old-school Death Metal band from Aarhus. Just last year they put out their 3rd full-length album “Necro Sapiens” via Century Media. It was a well-balanced and focused Death Metal release and while no wheel was reinvented there, the passion for “classic” Death was strong with that one just enough to keep you entertained for the entire playtime. Not so long after the album came out, the band released a series of singles that eventually took a form of an EP, called “Justitia”. Considering that the gap between the two releases was rather short, there’s no surprise that this EP picks it up where “Necro Sapiens” dropped it. It’s very much an additional portion of the same stuff, but that’s good news in this case.

“Justitia” includes 4 new songs, a cover for ENTOMBED A.D.’s “Second to None”, and an instrumental version of the track “Genesis” from their previous record. I’m not the biggest fan of such additional materials like demos, instrumentals, live-versions, etc. and I barely ever listen to this kind of stuff. I have to admit though, BAEST’s music sounds pretty well without vocals. But there's some extra layer of heaviness that vocals bring to the music. So, after listening to a very and very great all-out Death Metal EP, an instrumental track at the end of the record kind of slows the pace down and brings this feeling of something important being omitted.

When it comes to the new songs introduced on “Justitia”, BAEST doesn't disappoint. It’s still, just like its predecessor, a well-balanced and focused Death Metal. Those seeking some extraordinary experiments may probably pass by, as the band is worshipping the gods of the past in terms of their approach to songwriting. Still, it does it with such passion, respect, and dedication that it brings in this fresh feel to the result of their creativity. My personal favorite is the track called “Gargoyles”, not only because it’s a killer song from the beginning till the end, but also because of THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER’s Trevor Strnad’s guest appearance. As you may know, he tragically left this world recently. Damn, I miss that guy. He was unbelievably cool. Special thanks to BAEST for this opportunity to hear him one last time, I think that this track pays him tribute in the best possible way. Oh, and the cover version of ENTOMBED A.D.’s “Second to None” is all right. It doesn't bring that much of a new edge to the track, but it's still a great song performed by a great band.

So, it’s this kind of EP that got some precious gems in it. They’re a little watered down with some enjoyable but not necessary material though. Nevertheless, the original music is good, the sound kicks ass, the lyrics won’t make you cringe (that’s important these days), and if you liked BAEST’s previous records this one will help you to extend the joy while waiting for their next LP.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 7
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Justitia (feat. Sven de Caluwe)
2. Ecclesia
3. Gargoyles
4. Creature
5. Second to None (cover)
6. Genesis (instrumental version)
Mattias Melchiorsen – Bass
Sebastian Abildsten – Drums
Lasse Revsbech – Guitars
Svend Karlsson – Guitars
Simon Olsen – Vocals
Record Label: Century Media


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