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Baileys Comet - Judgement Day (CD)

Baileys Comet
Judgement Day
by Dimitra Zertopouli at 30 April 2002, 3:02 PM

Now that's what I call Hard Rock!!! Screaming guitars, thundering drums and harsh vocals!!! Who would belive that this remarkable album would come from Bailey Brothers, the hosts of MTV's metal show, Headbanger's Ball? (Back then Headbanger's Ball had something to do with metal, afterwards it lost every connection.)
Judgement Day starts with the self-titled track, that gets you back in the late 80's early 90's. If you close your eyes while listening to it, you'll picture big haired bands running up and down huge stages while fireworks explode. Pure energy! In the same way goes the Stealin' Your Lovin' song. Good Lovin' Gone Bad has a brilliant heavy guitar work by Dez Bailey and John Hardman, while the ex-Saxon rhythm section Fasker Johnson and Nigel Durham, fills every song with great energy.  It's really sad that Alex Edwards (Alexander's Palace) left the band a while ago, cause I really love his rough voice.
The rest of the CD moves to Celtic rhythms which was the basic characteristic of Thin Lizzy, so Judgement Day could have easily considered as a totally respectable Thin Lizzy tribute. Bailey's Comet show their love to Phil Lynott with the songs Spirit Of Toumahai, One Love One Life, Emerald Isle (Song For Peace), Revolution, that was co-written by Dez Bailey and Phil Lynott himself, Seven Hills, Should Have Been There, Celtic Warrior and of course the Wild One which is a tribute to Phil Lynott.
Well, this album doesn't have something new. Everything has been done before, but it's a respectable effort with great melodies. Pure fun, it certainly worths your time!

3 Star Rating

Judgement Day
Spirit Of Toumahai
One Love One Life
Emerald Isle (Song For Peace)
Stealin' Your Lovin'
Seven Hills
Good Lovin' Gone Bad
Should Have Been There
Wild One (Phil Lynott Tribute)
Celtic Warrior
Alex Edwards - vocals
Dez Bailey - guitars, harmony guitars, background vocals
Fasker Johnson - bass, vocals (on tracks 5, 7, 9, 10), background vocals
John Hardman - guitars
Mick Bailey - background vocals, effect samples
Nigel Durham - drums
Record Label: Now & Then / Frontiers Records


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