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Bakkes – How II Bakkes

How II Bakkes
by MetalWim at 01 February 2023, 2:15 PM

Sometimes you get a real surprise. This is one of them, as this Punk record with seven songs only clocks just over eleven minutes. Not a lot of time to get to know what a band is about. I have to give it to Headbangers Records and Big Bad Wolf Records, they know their stuff in the Netherlands, and are often able to dis- and uncover some great musical stuff. In this case we are talking about BAKKES, as they are from Tilburg, the hometown of Headbangers Records as well. And as these musicians aren’t exactly wet behind their ears anymore (ACROSTICHON, MILKMAN, SAURON, WE DENY, BOERENKOOL MEEJ WORST, DE MCGYVERS, STATE MY CASE), the man behind that record company, Marco van Empel, knows a few of those people.

The album title “How II BAKKES” is a word joke, as when us Dutch people pronounce that we’re just telling you to keep your trap shut! I have to warn you, though, if you are expecting the band to use the universal English language you had better be prepared to be disappointed. BAKKES sings in Dutch, well, the Tilburg dialect to be precise. And the lyrics are quite clear. They know what they are complaining about, and do that in no uncertain terms.

That does make this one extra special for me as a Dutch reviewer. What they are mentioning are items and issues that everyone comes across, and will have encountered at one point or other. If, on the other hand, you are just about the music and the atmosphere, you can rest assured, as the real Punk lover will be able to pogo and thrash around like a maniac, due to the fast, furious but at the same time-controlled aggression and the pure punk attitude.

I have never been the biggest Punk fan, but I have to admit that “How II BAKKES” is quite an enjoyable record. The fact that it has a very good sound should help as well, especially as some of the band members actually own their own recording studio. Even in that respect they are very experienced, and it shows on “How II BAKKES”. You can distinguish every sound, it never becomes a swamp of indistinguishable sounds that might drive you crazy. No, this way you can hear what they want you to hear, giving you just over eleven minutes of Punk pleasure. BAKKES sounds like they are here to stay.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 7
Production: 9

3 Star Rating

1. Doe Het Dan!
2. Het Verbieden
3. Miosofonie
4. Bakkes Dicht
5. De Gluurbuur
6. Baaldag
7. G.N.S.
Vocals - Gijs
Guitar - David
Guitar - Remco
Bass - Bianca
Drums – Serge
Record Label: Headbangers Records/Big Bad Wolf Records


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