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Bal Sagoth - The Power Cosmic

Bal Sagoth
The Power Cosmic
by Angela “MetalDancer” Van Der Kreeft at 09 May 2012, 8:59 PM

The History of BAL SAGOTH starts in 1989 with Byron Roberts. Since then they managed to make one unreleased demo and six full length albums between 1993 and 2006. “The Power Cosmic” is their fourth album that originally came out in 1999, that’s given a new chance with this Remastered version released through Metal Mind Productions. This is a thirteen year old Symphonic / Epic / Black Metal album with an atmosphere that still fits inside today.

It’s not easy to create a specific atmosphere and yet BAL SAGOTH make it sound easy, like you’re listening to a space invaders movie. Space darkness and combined forces to make it through attacking aliens. When I did listen to “The Power Cosmic”, my son was playing a space game with all kind of spacy sounds and it caught my attention that they did blend perfectly with the music. Guess a lot of space movies would improve with BAL SAGOTH playing on the background.

The symphonic start of this album is like an invitation to get on board of a space craft that’s already up and flying, holding in just for you to be able to get on board. As soon as you do get on board, the journey starts right away with some kind of explanation what they’ve been doing up there, why they’re marching through darkness and fighting screaming madness. All wrapped inside dark voices, grunts, growls, screams, flying bass sounds, sharp guitar work, and powerful drums and shooting keyboards in a Symphonic/ Epic / Black / Death Metal mix. A beautiful combination that’s as brutal dark as sweet and progressive smart.

Seems to me that Byron Roberts did quite well manage to succeed inside what he had planned for his BAL SAGOTH project back in 1989 with the album “The Cosmic Power”. A Death / Black Metal band / album filled with sweet and out bursting symphonic fireworks in a dark fantasy/science-fiction atmosphere. I did enjoy the journey; guess that some stories will never get old.

4 Star Rating

1. The Awakening Of The Stars
2. The Voyagers Beneath The Mare Imbrium
3. The Empyreal Lexicon
4. Of Carnage And Gathering Of The Wolves
5. Callisto Rising
6. The Scourge Of The Fourth Celestial Host
7. Behold, The Armies Of War Decend Screaming From The Heavens!
8. The Thirteen Cryptical Prophecies Of Mu
Byron Roberts - Vocals
Jonny Maudling - Keyboards
Chris Maudling - Guitar
Paul Jackson -Drums
Alistair MacLatchy - Bass
Record Label: Metal Mind Productions


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