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Balance of Power - Perfect Balance (CD)

Balance of Power
Perfect Balance
by Orpheus Spiliotopoulos at 16 October 2001, 2:17 AM

Did you ever come across a band you never heard before and listened to their CD and went like Holy shit! This is awesome!?
Well, how many of you know Ballance of Power? I certainly didn't know these guys! But hell…I certainly do know!
This band has an x-Ufo drummer and an x-Bruce Dickinson bassist! I'm talking about Lionel Hicks (Drums) and Chris Dale (Bass) who are just two of this really good band.

They've already released three albums, When the World Falls Down (1997), Book of Secrets (1998), Ten More Tales…(1999) and now they're releasing their latest work, called Perfect Ballance. But how well is their music balanced after all?

This band mixes Heavy Metal and Power Metal basically…they're somewhere in between I'd say. The guitars are fabullus, with fantastic solos and rhythm riffs, the drums are just right, the bass is great…
I wanna go deeper into the Vocals and Guitars now. Lance King really has one great voice. He can vary his voice from soft and smooth to a high-pitched blast…a rather more Rock-ish kind of voice than Power. There are moments this guy reminds me of singers like Geoff Tate (Queensryche) and Axel Rose (Guns ?n? Roses) at moments…I couldn't give a better example with one of the album's songs, The Pleasure Room.

The Guitars are brilliant (Bill yates) with great solos and cool rhythm sections. I don't think they'd ever need a second guitar! Mr Yates sure knows how to play and in most of the songs his riffs are heavy and fast but also at the same time they can suddently become so calm…I forgot to mention the keys which are, ok, just fine!
Therefore there are many good things to say about this band. Even the production outcome is great (done by Lionel Hicks)! I'm only dissapointed there was no real advertising, no real promotion of the band…what a pitty. I hope some people appreciate this band at least through an honest opinion.

If you haven't heard a good band (you didn't know before) in like…ages, Ballance of Power is the band for you to listen to over and over again! Wow, I really missed that over and over again thingie…Well, congratulations to the band for their work! Don't give up!

P.S. Sorry for the long review guys. I really tried NOT TO write so much but I couldn't help it. I forgot to mention the fact that I like almost ALL songs on this CD very much!

4 Star Rating

Higher than the Sun
Shelter Me
Fire Dance
One Voice
The Pleasure Room
Killer Or The Cure
House of Cain
Hard Life
Searching for the Truth
Lionel Hicks - Drums
Chris Dale - Bass
Lance King - Vocals
Ivan Gunn - Keys
Bill Yates - Guitar
Record Label: Massacre Records


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