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Baleful Abyss - Death Propaganda

Baleful Abyss
Death Propaganda
by Quinten Serna at 31 August 2019, 3:42 PM

From the untamed musical wilds of Germany comes BALEFUL ABYSS, né ZOMBIESLUT they can draw their origin back to 2008 but has since rebranded themselves under the new title whilst still maintaining their classic and heavy Death Metal Roots. As their first official debut, the band has delivered unto the world, “Death Propaganda,” an amazingly inane 45 minute collection of music which has its inspiration and roots in classic Death Metal.

The album starts with the atmospheric “Intro” but truly commences in its guttural and energetic track “Ancient Angel of Gore,” a powerful and fast introduction brings us to the slowed verse—the direct juxtaposition of fast to slow draws attention to the lyrical content and overall atmosphere of the verse. The song is penned around the idea of archaic and ancient perverse and corrupted spirits that predetermine violence and tragedies. The song has about itself a unique composition such as the previously mentioned dynamics between fast and slow, how the drums and strings build off of one another rather than just playing a constant rhythm, and the rhythmic guitar leads that detract from the conventional rhythms and strums the implementation being creative and distinct.

Reality Vortex,” starts off completely different beginning very slowly with chords that ring out strung together by the Doom type drums. The song itself has an almost pure inversion in terms of construction starting off very slow and escalating into a faster tempo though the application is seamless; a shrilled scream signals the start of the solo and the shift of the song into a faster variant before its hastened end. The title track “Death Propaganda,” opens with a bit of atmosphere and a single guitar which is joined on specific accents by the full band before everyone plays the same riff; the song changes pace just past the halfway mark and once more when the kick drum comes into prominence.

The album is built on the strengths of the band with dynamics between loud and fast, slow and heavy, and subtle and explicit being key points in the composition of the songs; in terms of production the album is exceptional and for the genre is nearly without flaw, listening in track by track it feels that the bass and vocals are a little low or not distinct enough though that could be by personal preference of the band in order to create the type of atmosphere they were vying for. “Purgatory of Conceitedness,” and “Web of Soulless Horror,” are two of the best examples of the previously mentioned strengths and qualities, wherein each instrument feels that it’s building on the others and the band itself doesn’t feel bound to writing to a formula or fan expectations.

BALEFULL ABYSS is a surprising and talented bunch, while I don’t believe that “Death Propaganda” will be the album that draws in all the non-believers out there—those who don’t appreciate the musical liberty and camaraderie that is Death Metal—it certainly is a strong album that anyone familiar with their previous incarnation ZOMBIESLUT will like and most others with a penchant for Death Metal—especially classic Death Metal—will find exception in the band looking forward to their future releases.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Intro
2. Ancient Angels of Gore
3. Reality Vortex
4. Death Propaganda
5. Gates of Cherubim
6. Purgatory of Conceitedness
7. Spitting Out the Dead
8. The Dead Around Us
9. Satanophobia
10. Veiled in Flesh
11. Web of Soulless Horror
Mojo Kallus - Bass
Hamdi Avci - Drums
Joe Azazel - Guitars
Frank von Boldt - Guitars / Vocals
Record Label: Black Sunset Music


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