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Balmog - Necroangels' Revelations

Necroangels' Revelations
by Moti Rokah at 22 April 2015, 10:46 AM

BALMOG had recently rereleased their side "Necroangels' Revelations" EP of the split album with ABORIORTH , that was only released in vinyl in limited edition at 2010.

"Necroangels' Revelations" is a dark Black Metal EP that features 3 songs of revelations to the listeners, the sound is dirty and the vocals are just as evil, like it was born in the bowls of the inquisition of Spain to scream new European hell to our new decade. The music gives the feel of the early time of EMPEROR, with melodies that brings the listener to question how many times he walked that path with other bands that play this kind of dark songs, the chanting and themes of the songs are well written and shows the rage that is saved to the recordings that comes without mega production but with sweat and fury of Ep's and demos.

The Ep starts with "First Revelation" an opening that fits the CROWN style of death and roll but that lasts for 10 seconds and the true BALMOG raises its head and starts to demolish true black metal origins with long melodies, chanting screams and low bass guitar that pushes the song to the early nineties. "Second Revelation" is the true jam in this EP, a song that could have become a cult song if released in the early years of this genre, the only problem is that they are caught up in the boundaries of this style, its well-known riffs and carpets of painful screams of agony that has been done for so long and in so many ways.

"Last Revelation" is the ending song of this album and the longest, with agonizing moans and prayers taken from a monastery, while being interrupted by coughs and choking noises that chants the listener to its very end.

3 Star Rating

1. First Revelation
2. Second Revelation
3. Last Revelation
Balc - Vocals
Morg - Guitars
Virus  – Bass
Record Label: BlackSeed Productions


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