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Band Of Spice - Shadows Remain

Band Of Spice
Shadows Remain
by Craig Rider at 02 January 2018, 2:39 PM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I'm proud to present to you: BAND OF SPICE; signed via Scarlet Records, hailing from Swedish grounds - performing Rock/Metal, on their 5th studio album entitled: “Shadows Remain” (released 27th October, 2017).

Since formation in 2007; the quintet in question have 4 albums behind them, I'm introduced to their 5th album: “Shadows Remain”. Incorporating an intricately designed formula of unique components of Hard Rock distinctions, amalgamated with a solid slab of Heavy Metal arrangements in which have a development cycle of diligently organic aesthetics and hard-hitting substances. 13 tracks ranging at around 49:26, the quartet deliver excitingly groovy rhythms and excelling concrete melodies that has a dirty yet gritty balance to it. “Only One Drink” begins the record with its acoustic introduction which follows up to some relaxed singing about winding down with an alcoholic beverage, this had me thinking is this an acoustic band? Nope, because when “The Pet” begins - the instrumentation and musicianship savagely contrasts itself with an enlightening pounding sound production that is surprisingly fulfilling with the juxtaposed sub-genres in place.

Consisting of Christian “Spice” Sjöstrand who performs on vocals/guitar, the complex dexterity the frontman establishes is consistently astonishing and showcases an efficient amount of sinister diversity that varies with distinguished characteristics. “Coherent Train Of Thought” is roots rock with a coherent metal bent velocity to it, its borderline punch line grooves provide circular riffs and solo adroitness while supplying a slinky groove in the verse that's relentlessly invigorating. Bob Ruben on drums manifests with a grandiose of captivating yet pummeling bestiality, much like his band mate Alexander Sekulovski who pounds his axe to oblivion. “Don't Bring Me Flowers” has a full-fledged, yet ripping solo that's proficiently dominating while being prominently defiant. The songwriting is quite stellar although it does have a simplistic flavor to it, which isn't a bad thing. “Caught In A War” has a delightful, jangly chorus and converges well with the stark lyricism.

They Are Around” implements bouncy yet crunchy elements into the mix, which has a dynamic foundation of thunderously blistering salubriousness, while the gripping lyrics are compiled with a jazzy fusion to it. “Apartment 8” is a moody evocation of more jazz infused progressions, which are integrated with atmospheric ambience and beautifully structured craftsmanship. “The Saviour And The Clown” seemingly smolders with technical yet proggy attributions that are executed with profusely robust vigor. “Give Me A Hint” contributes with more epic alignments of rhythmic, classic psychedelic retro riffing – accompanied with modernized technicalities and rough maliciousness that's quite energizing. “Sheaf” has more of the aforementioned orchestrations, while the rock 'n' roll classiness is exemplarily motivating. While “The Gap” was the hastier in tone; with mid-tempo, hammering pounds that pumped me up and was quite the entertaining experience.

Overall concluding the record with “Take Me Home” & the second part of the previous song “Apartment 8”, BAND OF SPICE exceeded all expectations and I enjoyed a tale of anguish, depression and realism – do yourself a favor, and give “Shadows Remain” a go.

Songwriting: 7
Memorability: 8
Originality: 8
Sound Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Only One Drink
2. The Pet
3. Coherent Train Of Thought
4. Don't Bring Me Flowers
5. Caught In A War
6. They Are Around
7. Apartment 8
8. The Saviour And The Clown
9. Give Me A Hint
10. Sheaf
11. The Gap
12. Take Me Home
13. Apartment 8 (Part II)
Christian “Spice” Sjöstrand  - Vocals, Guitars
Alexander Sekulovski - Bass
Bob Ruben - Drums, Percussion
Record Label: Scarlet Records


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