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Banda de la Muerte - 8894

Banda de la Muerte
by Te Hao Boon at 12 August 2015, 9:24 PM

8894” is BANDA DE LA MUERTE’s 3rd full-length release and I have to talk about the album cover right away. It is a comic drawing of someone hitting another person with a Walkman so hard that the player broke and the cassette flew out. Oh yeah, the guy’s head bled, forgot to mention about that. With that image in your head, what kind of music do you think they make? Quite honestly, if I hadn’t received this from Metal Temple, I would have thought this was a Techno album or a Rave album from the 90s. No way in hell would I ever look at that cover and say, “Hey, a Metal record!”

By the way, the band’s name means “Band of the Death” in Spanish. However, hearing this album, the product was not as deadly as I expect it to be. They sound really hollow and there is no depth to the music at all.

Generally, the music sounds really dated and really badly produced. The riffs are forgettable and the drumming sounds like some cheap, off-the-counter Pop Punk drumming. And the singing is just terrible, it is so uninspired and even unwilling at times, as though the singer was forced to take part in the recording.

It is not that I don’t want to talk about this album in detail, there just isn’t enough details for me to talk about in the first place. The songs are all badly produced, the singing is lackluster and the playing feels like a morning warm up musicians have after they had just woken up. There is nothing here worth listening twice to or to really praise about.

I shall try to describe this album. Think of a riot, a riot with only a handful of people. That is basically how the singer sounds; trying really hard to rally in more people, but failing miserably. There are occasional breakdowns, but all it got is perhaps my little toe tapping, nothing amazing about it whatsoever. Oh, and there is a ton of guitar feedback, so much that this album should be called “8894 different guitar feedbacks”.

This is my feedback. Less (guitar) feedback please.

1 Star Rating

1. Ejército de uno
2. 8894
3. Tan distinto a vos
4. La marcha del exilio
5. Lo que vos llamas ganar
6. Nación de seguidores
7. Pensando por mí
8. De mi lado
9. Cerdos
Foresi - Bass
Xon - Guitars, Vocals
Guillermo Gomez - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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