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Bane of Bedlam - Monument of Horror Award winner

Bane of Bedlam
Monument of Horror
by Calen Nesten at 22 August 2014, 2:05 AM

BANE OF BEDLAM released their first full-length album, “Monument of Horror” in October of 2013, the month that much of the world associates with horror and death is not a coincidence for this monstrous album. Eight tracks with nearly an hour of content that never wanes, it ceaselessly assaults your ears in the best possible way. The band seems to have had some real challenges since their inception in 2008 when a broken back lead to an involuntary line up change resulting in several people filling in and falling out. The frustration must have been immense for BANE OF BEDLAM but it seems they injected the album with a speedball of agitation and perseverance resulting in the harsh, brutally calculated sound in “Monument of Horror”.

It is my opinion that many newer thrash bands can make the mistake of using a “cookie-cutter” approach in making their music, rarely trying anything innovative either because of fear or inexperience. BANE OF BEDLAM is able to take elements of classic metal, death and progressive rock and stack it upon a sturdy thrash foundation. Everyone in the band is amazing; Brad Parker is a very versatile vocalist, able to switch from a piercing scream to a deep, guttural roar in an instant. Nick Walker brings rapid bass lines that are actually highly audible which is always appreciated as I feel many bands do not make an effort to highlight the power of the bass guitar, but as a bassist I may be biased (and slightly complaining, turn us up, dammit!). Chris Parker’s (no idea if he’s related to Brad, maybe they can clear that up) guitar work is incredible, he really knows how to mix beautiful, skilled solos to the largely chaotic and dark album. The element I was most impressed with is the drumming. Glen Trayhern is fast as hell; I am almost surprised the rest of the band can keep up. His rapid style of drumming makes the album sound like it was recorded inside a warzone, albeit one with really great timing. With this type of expert musicianship combined with themes of death, war and corruption I would not be surprised if the guys behind BANE OF BEDLAM are the four horsemen of the apocalypse who decided that bringing a rock-pocalypse was a more constructive use of their time, and for that I thank them.

5 Star Rating

1. Woken by the Horde
2. Vultures of War
3. Torture
4. Murder
5. Heavens Ember
6. Voice of a Faceless God
7. An Atrocity Divine…
8. Monument of Horror
Glen Thrayhern - Drums
Chris Parker - Guitar
Brad Parker - Vocals
Nick Walker - Bass
Record Label: Independent


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