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Bang Tango - shoot From The Hip (CD)

Bang Tango
shoot From The Hip
by Grigoris Chronis at 24 December 2006, 7:33 PM

Vocals, guitars, bass and drums. Four players - ideal for the genre - in four positions and you can just let it roll the sleazy way. At least, that's what (and even more) these vagabonds have offered through the years. Thus, the announcement of BANG TANGO back in action with an updated lineup after 2004's Ready To Go (on the Shrapnel label) was received with nothing less than a oddity  for what was about to blow outta my speakers.
San Diego, CA natives BANG TANGO entered the '80s hair Metal' arena rather late. Then, they were not even a hair Metal band. In addition, their first effort being a raw 1989 live album under the Live Injection heading offered a rather mixed acceptance regarding their career management. But, nope, that's not the deal when you've already placed your mark through a movie - 1988 Black Roses - and a V.A. collection - Street Survivors (Metal Blade, 1989). The 'normal' debut album Psycho Cafe (on MCA), though, cleared out things for what BANG TANGO deal with. Sad was it to see the genre sales decadence in mid-90s, even if BANG TANGO did deliver some interesting cuts like Dancing On Goals (MCA, 1991) or Love After Death (MFN, 1994). Fuzzy 2004's Ready To Go did not make me that 'ready' for their strike, but with a booze-man like LeSte you never know what to expect.
Well, Shoot From The Hip - as pre-said - features a 75% revised lineup. Simpson (credited with FLOTSAM & JETSAM and BEAUTIFUL CREATURES), Eric and Russell deal with the devil himself and their's no objection they do sink their teeth into this set of tunes. Powerful, groovy and prowler-wise are all of 'em, supporting LeSte's role quite all right. Scott Goodwine (HATEBREED, FLOTSAM & JETSAM) engineered the tracks and Todd Taz Anthony (CHERRY STREET,THE ADDICTIONS) mixed the recordings; I stiffed upper lip with the first one; then quite understood with the other one. Even if LeSte looked eager enough to wrap up the BANG TANG career with Ready To Go due to his occupation with BEAUTIFUL CREATURES, Shoot From The Hip sees a fresh prospect (in terms of mood, at least) for an album that was not long-destined to come out.
The album does not resemble that much to the typical BANG TANGO outlook. It's too straightforward, 'heavy' enough but also groove-orientated. 'Bluesy' Sleaze Rock lovers will find good times with this company, since the likes of FASTER PUSSYCAT, VAIN, THE ALMIGHTY, VELVET REVOLVER, JUNKYARD, SLASH'S SNAKEPIT, QUIREBOYS and the rest you imagine gather up like a 'high' cloud in this album. Angel Devil wraps up the tracklist identically; a 'looking-out-the-window- glass-memorizing- while-playing-chords' LOU REED-ish ballad scores a fitting outro…
LeSte's voice is more mature (or packed with booze?) than ever before, Shot Form The Hip sees an extended BANG TANGO procedure and - if you're familiar with all these you read above - you can try the album with no fear. A good release; I can now try an inner search to see if I'd expect such a release from the very beginning.

3 Star Rating

It's All OK
Ain't Nothin' Better
Go, Go, Go
Carry Me Up
Mother Mary
Get Use To It
I'm The One
One More Spin
Angel Devil
Joe LeSte - Vocals
Mark Simpson - Guitars
Lance Eric - Bass
Timmy Russell - Drums
Record Label: Perris Records


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