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Barbaric Horde – Axe Of Superior Savagery

Barbaric Horde
Axe Of Superior Savagery
by William Travers at 28 July 2020, 5:35 PM

When one sees an album being peddled by GODZ OV WAR you can be safe in assuming it is going to be extreme, different and memorable. Well step forwards BARBARIC HORDE with their debut full length release “Axe Of Superior Savagery”

With simplistic artwork imagery that shows what appears to be a traditional looking coat of arms. It may not be the most memorable artwork but it is good looking in its simplicity. So, congratulations are in order for the team at WARHEAD ART for producing it.

Opening this dark offering is “Tyrant Of The Dark Trynity”. An ominous prolonged tone that builds into an eruption of noise as the main body of the track is hit with full force. The first thing that stands out for me is the standard of recording just seems to be lacking a bit. It is a rough and raw sounding track, but the issue I am having is that the drum track is overbearing on the rest of the recording making it almost unlistenable.

The energy and aggression continue through into “Antichrist Command” the driving beat coupled with hellish vocals creates an air of chaos. However, if you were to break through the noise to hear the individual tracking underneath you could find yourself slightly underwhelmed. The simplicity of the blast beats which only break to follow the riffs of the guitar are slightly disappointing, there just appears to be a lack of flair. As for the guitar tracking, again I am struggling to make out the finer points of it, other than the rhythm that it is following.

This theme begins to break a bit as we hit “Venomous Infernal Carnage” with a bit more finesse, a slightly higher standard of recording and a more impressive structure to the track. However, I feel that the levels were still slightly off, but at around the 3:40 mark there is a nice subtle melodical hit from the guitar that adds quite a difference from the wall of noise that has been projected thus far.

“Barbaric Provocation” sees a slip back into the previous stylings. Which isn’t to say it is negative, the aggression and atmosphere created by the music, especially if it were live, would be palpable. However, as I have said before, it is mainly the recording and mixing quality that has let the music down, but whether or not that was a purposeful intention to create a certain ambience within the music… Who knows?

Throughout the following two tracks, “Bow Before The Altar Of Satan” and “Axe Of Superior Savagery” the tried and tested method that BARBARIC HORDE have been utilising is once again thrown into the fore as they continue the aural assault on the listeners. With small glimmers of what could be as the mini breakdowns show the potential for development and depth to the music.

Wait, what is this? A pounding, sluggish and deliberate opening. Heavy open-ended chords that are marching forwards, building and building into an explosive release. “Storms Of Primitive Violence”, this is what BARBARIC HORDE are capable of. The build, the into the kick in, the understanding displayed in doing this and the actual effect that this has on the track is unprecedented. Whilst the music that follows is again following a similar blast-beat heavy styling, accented with some miniature breakdowns. The simple act of adding this deliberate introduction has made the difference in creating, what is my pick of the album!

“Wrath Of Goetic Glorification” comes flying in with some heavy dense riffs and that all to familiar pounding beat to sprint to the end of the album as this absolutely none stop brutal record comes to its untimely end.

Overall, I would say there are a lot of serious positives to be taken from this release. It is a good initial release, that was slightly soured for myself by the recording quality. However, as I alluded to earlier, the quality varied between tracks and I feel that it may have been part of the desired effect. But I would say for lovers of Black and Death Metal, that this is definitely a band to watch out for. Give them a listen and see what you think!

Songwriting: 6
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 5
Production: 3

3 Star Rating

1. Tyrant Of The Dark Trynity
2. Antichrist Command
3. Venomous Infernal Carnage
4. Barbaric Provocation
5. Bow Before The Altar Of Satan
6. Axe Of Superior Savagery
7. Storms Of Primitive Violence
8. Wrath Of Goetic Glorification
Record Label: Godz Ov War Productions


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