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Barbarion - Ram The World

Ram The World
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 12 August 2013, 12:43 PM

Watch out the horde of the barbarians is back to attack, again with the pillaging, looting, overtime partying, drunkenly drinking, and suffocating off food. Oh boy, and the conquest after that, the end is near for certain. Trust that Aussie frenzy folks of BARBARION to rally up their madness and humoristic attitude to pound some Metal into your ass, and after four years they are back with their self-released sophomore album, “Ram The World”, as if the world hasn’t been pulverized for too long.  Last time I listened to these fair chaps was back in 2009 when they released “Feast On The Beast”, preaching the decisiveness of the real deal of Heavy Metal with rubbles of Hard Rock. With “Ram The World” I guess that it is the same story altogether, BARBARION living their own Metal barbarism, in a SPINAL TAP conduct, and proving themselves worthy at it, and their horns are still sharp.

Just in case you haven’t listened to “Feast On The Beast”, or don’t know who the hell is this band of seven crazy Aussies having fun with armour and axes, I will let you in on it, yet this isn’t an encyclopaedia. The Aussie BARBARION, actually a horde of a band, consisting of three guitarists and two vocalists, and of course a hold of a rhythm section, have been scalping in the name of old school Heavy Metal, with a few titbits of 70s Hard Rock. Imagine a spectacular setting of IRON MAIDEN (NWOBHM period of the early 80s), JUDAS PRIEST, a little of MOTORHEAD and VAN HALEN along with THIN LIZZY. Nonetheless, and it has been an integral part of their trek, probably since day one, is the assumption that they aren’t really take things seriously, at least when it regarded to the lyrics, and also after watching their stage act, you would figure it out that this is an amusing kind of SPINAL TAP.

Throughout “Ram The World”, musically, I listened to a somewhat better musicianship, quite an astounding diversity, a perfection of the fusion this band has been practicing and polishing for a while. Incorporating a few pointers and hints out of NWOBHM assembled an impressive line of melodic licks, harmonized twin guitar evidences, upgraded soloing efforts that were captivating on each run with an amazing MAIDEN meets PRIEST vibe. Furthermore, BARBARION, though still jokey, composed a number of epic tracks, which at first glance seemed as if maturity came to knock, but I was wrong again. Take “Sons Of War”, blazing with an intro only to manifest itself as none other than a rocking VAN HALEN mixed with MAIDEN type flick. You have to admire these two chaps at the microphones, a well done crew with great singings, manly voices of course. So as you will notice, nothing here is serious, even the epic tracks. Therefore, if nothing is serious, I would suggest on “Metalman”, an anthem for you crazy Metalheads out there, rise up as the intro fades into the wind, and take your place as a Metalhead with iron fists and chains for life. Heed to the MAIDEN melodic guitaring, and start banging your heads with enthusiasm to the riffs and mid pace drumming, beware of the cannibals (you will find out eventually). “We Stand Alone” and “Cocaine Maiden”, 80s Metal golden flavors, pure steel with inclination of Rock. BARBARION have been keen to the knowledge of how to craft catchy songs. I believe that I provided enough reasons for you to order this release from the band, manly Heavy Metal, and not of the MANOWAR type.

4 Star Rating

1. We Stand Alone
2. Man of Men
3. Cocaine Maiden
4. Sons of War
5. Chop
6. Ram the World
7. Metalman
8. Victory Surrounds You
Myles Tauchert - Vocals
Frankie Gionfriddo - Vocals
Chris Evans - Guitar
Chris Garcia - Guitar
Hugh Kendall - Guitar
Yuri Pavlinov - Bass
Ritchie Kelly - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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