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Barely Breathing - Relive The Regret (CD)

Barely Breathing
Relive The Regret
by Rena Koutsou at 19 February 2009, 4:35 PM

When I first heard about BARELY BREATHING, what attracted my attention straightaway was the fact that the band comes from South Africa from where I cannot think of something else falling to my hands and also the fact that when I opened the CDd's booklet to check a few things about them, I saw four photos with the members that barely seem to be 20 years old, so I was really curious of what a bunch of kidos could offer to the metalcore scene especially in this moment where the genre is on it's top and is preferred by hundreds of bands. The result though was amazing and left little or no doubt that this band knows what they play music for. Worthy to mention before I pass to the CD's flavor is that despite the fact that BARELY BREATHING were formed in 2006, they still got a filling biography by winning the battle of the bands award in 2007, gaining some cool reviews for their first demo as well as the trust of Casket Music Records.

The album starts with a small intro as a welcoming to the audience, until it passes to the first complete self titled-track which starts with one hell of a strong and melodic (yet  raw) riff, along with the singer's harsh vocals and that was when I realized that there wouldn't be much time needed in order to understand the discovery of an excellent new act. Moreover, one of the profound notions is that the singer's clean vocals that follow after, do have their own uniqueness, even if in the metalcore scene nowadays are dozens of bands who do copy one standard kind of an emo fixity.

The album continues with the song Probable Cause whose sound is pretty heavy with full of double pedal-plays and finally BARELY BREATHING's songs pass the originality test with high marks. The whole album is seized by an emotional kind of an anger and will definitely leave the fans of HEAVEN SHALL BURN's Antigone satisfied.

Unfortunately for the listener, Relive The Regret is just a mini CD with four more tracks but we are looking forward for BARELY BREATHING's following works and personally can't expect to see how much of an impact they will have in a year from now.

4 Star Rating

Barely Breathing
Probable Cause
Guns Of War
Marriage Of Heaven And Hell
Free Yourself
Shawn Greyling - Bass
Eben Pepler - Drums
Shaun Pearson - Guitar
Michael Cronje - Vocals
Record Label: Casket Music


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