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Baring Teeth - Atrophy

Baring Teeth
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 13 July 2011, 11:37 PM

I believe that when a band is trying to mix several of Metal directions in order to sound more genuine and original, it is surly a blessed move. When I read about the efforts of the US based band, BARING TEETH, as they let their minds loose with the formation of a showcase of Technical Death Metal, Avant-Garde, atmosphere and Doom Metal,  that looked moderately interesting. However, I can't say that after I heard their debut album, "Atrophy", I was that overjoyed about the outcome.

I was quite shocked of what I heard on this album, and I mean by the quality of the material in question. Generally, BARING TEETH and "Atrophy" weren't able to impress me and actually left a darkened hole in my mind. That hole wasn't filled with mysteries ruled by suspension; it was actually aligned with boredom, regret and dissatisfaction. With their so-called ingenuity this band channeled their creations as a total mess without any connection whatsoever between musical passages, verses and peak moments.

The ability to be overly progressed, or technical, might hatch a few sparks along the way but when it came down to the "Atrophy", I didn't see anything positive hatching in front of me. Furthermore, throughout the album, when it seemed that BARING TEETH lowered their technical standards into lower levels, the music moved into slow tempo sludge, even doomy, like mood. In their favor, the band was able to hold that feeling quite good and efficiently. However, as it was displayed on the long epical instrumentalist, "Tower Of Silence", BARING TEETH tanked themselves by offering almost an entire track with the same slow tempo riff echoing under the same chords. It wasn't that fun and I am glad I had something do while listening to it, if not, boredom would have suffocated me for sure.

Moving knee deep into the band's music, it sounded as if it was partly a sort of an old style computer game. Sometimes I didn't know if all of those slide sounds were electronically implanted or not. Likewise, when the vocal line started hovering above the fields of the music, it seemed so unnecessary to begin with, it sounded as a terrible disturbance. In the bottom line, when I tried to find something good in all this mess I had a hard time doing so. "The Dead Hand" and "Vestigial Birth" were the only ones that I did find something to can be worked on. I do hope that each and every member of the trio of BARING TEETH won't throw away his talent for anymore stuff like on this debut and start preparing something that would really suit their high skills.

2 Star Rating

1. Atrophy
2. End
3. Distilled In Fire
4. Vestigial Birth
5. Scarred Fingertips
6. The Dead Hand
7. Anti-Holy
8. Tower of Silence
Andrew Hawkins– Vocals, Guitars
Scott Addison– Vocals, Bass
Jason Roe- Drums
Record Label: Willowtip Records


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