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Barishi - Endless Howl

Endless Howl
by Aaron "Five Magics" Price at 16 March 2015, 9:38 AM

Independent of any label to tell them how to do things, BARISHI, a Progressive Metal band that adds a Death Metal influence to their progressiveness, offer to create some cool sounding stuff. Do you ever hear something that sounds cool, then you hear it over and over again and get bored of it rather quickly though? That's my gripe here, the feel of being repetitive. Let me explain.

You know how people always say "quality over quantity?" Yeah well, the production quality of "Endless Howl" is great, especially for on independent band. The quality of the music itself on the other hand, is lackluster. Not in a sense of the music is shit; the music is fine, it's just… imagine going to a steak house: You order a nice t-bone stake with a rum and coke to drink, when you get your order though, your stake is about 60% bone and your drink tastes like it has no alcohol in it - BUT you really enjoy your dinner, best stake you ever had. What I'm getting at is that the music itself is good, but it doesn't offer enough. The instrumentals feel like they only offer a couple riffs throughout the entirety of the album and the vocals feel like every other line is trying to jump back into the chorus. Although with all the bitching and whining I'm offering here, "In The Hour Of The Wolf" offers what sounds like it would be an early THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER song; sorta "Unhallowed" or "Miasma" era of them, just a little bit more repetitive.

Although I did bitch about this album a bit, I'm trying to get the idea across that BARISHI are great music writers, they just don't offer enough in each song. It's a simple fix, and it could help throw these guys in the spotlight. Definitely check it out to see what I mean, it's worth a couple minutes of your time at least if you read through my crap!

3 Star Rating

1. In The Hour Of The Wolf
2. Smoke From The Earth
3. Endless Howl
4. Snakeboat
Sascha Simms - Vocals
Graham Brooks - Guitars
Jonathan Kelley - Bass
Dylan Blake - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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