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Barn Burner - Bangers

Barn Burner
by Maria Voutiriadou at 01 March 2010, 10:03 PM

How would a mixture of IRON MAIDEN's rugged bass with stoner monolithic riffing guitars, punk rock harshness and vocals reminding some forgotten 80s singer sound? Yeah, I thought so; the result is quite bizarre while ears start to bleed 'till death because of noise. Otherwise, you would find it interesting and give to it another one chance for a place in your collection. Let's face it; Canadians BARN BURNER are newcomers who have complicated a little their musical direction, although it seems to be fans of the hard but not easy sound. Ingenuity is a difficult word in music during the 00s, so let's give that single bloody chance and take things from the beginning.

Searching between the 11 tracks of "Bangers" (cool name, I like it, since I hated the cover's artwork), I could not find one composition that could destruct my attention of not pushing the 'next' button. I might found nice ideas and a lot of inspiration inside, but the result and the final reading are completely unlucky and quite confusing without any defined destination, like "Runnin' Reds" as a glaring example- something between stoner, sleaze and punk-ish MISFITS staff. "Beer Today, Bong Tomorrow" is the only exception because it escapes from the weird structure of the whole album, as "Half Past Haggard" reminds of the latest FU MANCHU era. Pointless is the unexpected closing of the record with "Old Habits"; so, 40 minutes passed like hell finally, but who said hell is a bad place to be?

The only thing that matters from BARN BURNER's first effort is the tendency for experiments and the not usage of a musical 'stoned' recipe; for that reason and only, I shall expect their next step hoping that it would be again full of ideas, inspiration, assuming what they would decide to play. Till then, Homer Simpson would definitely scream: "boriiiiiiiiing!".

2 Star Rating

  1. Holy Smokes
  2. Fast Women
  3. The Long Arm Of The Law
  4. Beer Today, Bong Tomorrow
  5. Runnin' Reds
  6. Medium Rare
  7. Brohemoth
  8. Half Past Haggard
  9. Wizard Island
  10. Tremors
  11. Old Habits
Kevin Keegan - Vocals, Guitar
Marc Doucette - Guitar
Nick Ball - Bass
Taylor Freund - Drums
Record Label: Metal Blade


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