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Basement’s Glare - Circus Of The Fallen Award winner

Basement’s Glare
Circus Of The Fallen
by Andrew Harvey at 14 February 2022, 2:16 PM

BASEMENT’S G;ARE are an Italian symphonic metal quartet who started out with RICCARDO who studied singing at the CONSERVATORY OF PERUGIA where he met like-minded guitarist DANIELE MARINELLI. It was noted when gothic rock band EVANESCENCE released their hit single BRING ME TO LIFE in 2003, this actually inspired RICCARDO to start his musical journey. So working with DANIELE led to the early formation of their band and other influences included; NIGHTWISH, EPICA, KAMELOT and of course EVANESCENCE.

Their band took on the symphonic metal sound and started out not long before the Covid-19 pandemic also took the world by storm. They released their single RED ZONE in 2020 followed by their EP and now they have released their debut album CIRCUS OF THE FALLEN in October 2021 through most platforms. It starts with “The Entrance” of what sounds like funfare or theme park noises, maybe a circus as we hear a tiger roaring loudly in a short soundscape intro track with acoustic guitar as well.

“Breathe! Drown! Die!” opens with gritty guitar reverbing through before vocals put on a narrative voice with vocal accents. The vocals seem to stand out as the full on direct approach as other elements wander in the background. “Monster-Faced Angel” with a filtered or processed guitar, then fluid drumming and synth based sounds. Vocals remain melodic and high in pitch before sounds of a storm and acoustic guitar picking smoothly, then back to the symphonic bliss of all instruments. “The Way Out” also has strings first before bold drum patterns then vocals slide in as before, subtle but present in the mix. Guitar sort of masks the lower end of the band but we can hear the bass setting the tone nicely with warmth.

An interlude of spoken word, magical sounds before all instruments bow out the end of this track. “Worth Living” with that acoustic guitar and vocals soothing then, a big powerful unison of all instruments then back to vocals, guitar and drums too. Timing is a swaying movement most likely triplets and gives the track structure or finesse. Vocals so operatic as guitar goes electric and end so beautifully. “Call Your Last Shot” cymbal hits and string come in before vocals flow in, girls' laughter also heard, before guitar accents some notation which is orchestrated very well.

So much enthusiasm and energy as we go into the next track “Knock You Down” pumping with bass, pulsating or racing drum patterns and vocals leading the charge with it’s tone and texture very well executed. There are hints of gothic rock as well as we go into the eighth track. “Puppet Master” with mellow guitar tone, vocals angelic and drums sneaking as before performing short phrases but soloistic. Guitar shares the lead with drums or vocals, as each instrument competes in the arena of symphonic class like no other. “Changing My Name” is the quieter and more classical overture of acoustic guitar, vocals and strings playing.

Now the next three tracks are divided into 3 parts, firstly “Circus Of The Fallen - Part 1: Main In The Mirror” giving a more alternative rock sound at first with guitar and drums stand out as the exception here. Vocals and bass guitar blend all instruments going into the next part titled “Circus Of The Fallen - Part 2: The Endless Fall”, guitar takes a wild but wicked sound, drums more percussive. The double kick pattern caves in and guitar plays freely over everything. “Circus Of The Fallen - Part 3: Close My Eyes” is of similar sound even features female vocals briefly and the more in the second verse as supported by all other instruments.

Wonderfully arranged and the correlation with male or female vocals is ecstatic closing with extravagant guitar vibrato or colourful tones. Finally the outro track which is “Act’s Over” a short but interesting end to this inescapable continuity of more soundscape effects then silence. What an astounding album and full of symphonic joy but magic as well as carefully orchestrated passages of gothic rock, symphonic metal and classical influences as structured.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. The Entrance
2. Breath! Down! Die!
3. Monter-Faced Angel
4. The Way Out
5. Worth Living
6. Call Your Last Shot
7. Knock You Down
8. Puppet Master
9. Changing My Name
10. Circus Of The Fallen Part 1: Man In The Mirror
11. Circus Of The Fallen Part 2: The Endless Fall
12. Circus Of The Fallen Part 3: Close My Eyes
13. Act’s Over
Riccardo Adamo - Vocals
Daniele Marinelli - Guitars
Filippo Zucconi - Bass Guitar
Niccoló Franchi - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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