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Basement Torture Killings – Lessons In Murder

Basement Torture Killings
Lessons In Murder
by William Travers at 06 July 2020, 10:40 AM

Well, straight away one can tell that this is going to be an intense album. BASEMENT TORTURE KILLINGS certainly aren’t going to be a group that sing about the fluffy rabbits on the Dales in springtime… In fact, if the name of the band didn’t give you any sort of indication of what is to come then surely the album name should, “Lessons In Murder”, when I had to google that for some information I was expecting a red flag to appear on my screen and the police to smash through my window and dropkick my cat, fortunately, they didn’t.

The artwork is very simple, but I find that often the simplest designs are the most memorable, this is certainly no exception. With a set of eyes that are simply staring through you.

Well… “Armchair Psycho” certainly did not start as I had anticipated it would. However, I guess that the infuriating elevator music is what most psychotics may experience within their minds, I wouldn’t know that though… However, we are soon thrust into a fast paced and energetic show, aggressive and electric from start to finish I am looking forward to seeing what comes next.

Jumping forward to “DIY Murder Kit” and it is fast, heavy and chaotic. The aggression continues to drive all of the music forwards at a relentless pace. Both Beryl and Tarquin are providing some great lines throughout with the vocals, but a special mention has to go to Tarquin’s guitar runs and solos that are just sublime.

“Erotophonophilia” … otherwise known as Lust Murder is the act of killing an individual for sexual gratification. It opens with what sounds like recorded accounts from what I can only assume are people guilty of this act. It is an interesting choice of subject matter for a track; however, it fits with the overall theme for the band. Especially given that so many high-profile killers will have fallen into this category.

Moving onto “Public Displays Of Aggression” and wow, it lives up to its name, heavy and thick riffs, an untiring rhythm and angry aggressive vocals fill the track. But, the true focal point for me comes in the form of dissonance from guitarist Tarquin at about the two-minute mark, creating a true sense of dread and despair through the clever use of the music.

With “Resolving The Body Problem” there is an audio line from a news report about a certain killer in the UK which paints a disturbing image of his story. I made the mistake of reading about him on Wikipedia, as it is a truly horrific and twisted story. The music to this track plays to the disturbing and chaotic story that surrounds the man, and again follows the laid-out structure found in previous tracks.

Rolling through the final three tracks we continue to build in intensity until it reaches its peak and releases in the final track “The League Of Extraordinary Killers”. With its trademark aggression and relentless pacing this is a fitting and breath-taking way to end the album.

Overall, this was a well put together album. The music fit the theme and was well delivered, I enjoyed everything from the music to the backstories that seemingly inspired the music. So, I would say that this will go down among fans of BASEMENT TORTURE KILLINGS and fans of the genre overall.

Song writing: 7
Originality: 7
Memorability: 6
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. Armchair Psycho
2. Three Step
3. DIY Murder Kit
4. Exercising Your Dominance
5. Erotophonophilia
6. Public Displays Of Aggression
7. Psychoflage
8. Resolving The Body Problem
9. The Pen
10. Objectification
11. The League Of Extraordinary Killers
Beryl – Vocals
Tarquin – Guitar / Vocals
Brother Kain – Bass
The Faceless Killer – Drums
Record Label: Bizarre Leprous Production


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