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Battle Beast - Self-Titled

Battle Beast
by Tomer "Tommy-Foxx" Darmon / Angela "The Hunter" at 02 May 2013, 2:03 PM


A new album for BATTLE BEAST. As a big fan of the Finnish band I had controversy inside myself. The band's first album without the beloved front women, Nitte Valo that led the band with her special voice and talent to the tops and edges of the Metal world, but I promised myself that I must relate this release without comparing to Valo's  work with the band.

First of all I am glad that the band found someone that is able keep the BATTLE BEAST's spirit, in the image of Noora Louhimo. She succeeds to fulfill expectations and add balls to the songs. BATTLE BEAST made a fine choice. From time to time she reminds me of Rob Halford like on "Fight Kill Die", following the opening scream. However, the great thing is that she can reach all the high notes that makes the band so unique than others female fronted Metal groups.

The album is a straightforward, continuing the debut, mixing Glam, Heavy, Power and Symphonic Metal in the vein of the 80s spirit. "Let It Roar", the opener, a fine build up to powerful Heavy Metal with melodic keyboards and great solo section. Louhimo demonstrates her dynamic vocal range right from the start, you can feel it in the end of "Out Of Control", which is one of the pearls of the album. "Raven" is one of the heaviest tracks, as if it was taken straight out of "Painkiller" or any of the PRIMAL FEAR discography. It has some evil like verses with impressive rhythm guitar. The chorus is one of the best; the song has so much energy, fast and loaded with force.

"Machine Revolution" has some Pop spirit with the keyboards and a pretty cheerful atmosphere, less traditional Metal but it sure has a rocking drive.
"Kingdom" is another great track in the vein of the debut, very majestic especially with the background vocals. The pre solo section is amazing, providing so much power and lead to a strong rhythm guitars during the solo. "Over The Top" I believe was written after tons of listens to ACCEPT's material, a very militant and tight song. Louhimo's voice is like a warrior angel and this song I think represents the whole album, powerful and traditional. "Black Ninja" was actually recorded as a demo with Valo, and I was surprised to find it here with the performance of Louhimo, a fine work of Janne Björkroth on keyboards. "Rain Man" is the closer, very UDO adapted, with immortal chorus; great harmonic duet of Anton Kabanen and Juuso Soinio.

The album has a rich production, no doubt for that and from Wacken till now BATTLE BEAST have been going in the right direction. This album is for every Metalhead. Those who think that girls can't kick some ass, just take a listen to the opening of "Fight Kill Die".


Every time I pick up an album that I am almost certain I’m going to dislike, and have myself fully convinced that really, the album is going to suck, I’m normally wrong, and quite happy about being wrong. That is, until I picked up BATTLE BEAST's self-titled coming in fast. Now, after leaving the album off for several minutes to take in what I just listened to, I’m left feeling quite irritated. Where to begin?

First, and foremost, the album, as a whole, is decent. Not a bad release from our Finnish brothers. The first song, "Let It Roar", starts off strong, and Louhimo’s vocals are something unique. A sort of a mix of Doro meets Blackie Lawless. Unfortunately, as the song progresses, her vocal work verges on the edge of being sloppy, lacking control. You can say “fuck it, it’s Metal” only so many times before it starts to get to you. By the end of the album, you're just kind of over it. The rhythm guitar work is pretty good, plenty of driving riffs to keep the album moving. The solos are good, but sometimes sound more like keyboard solos than blistering licks. The bass work does tend to blend so well with the drums that you really don’t get a feel for the work that has been contributed to the song. Pyry’s drums are good, standard Metal drum work, but could be much better. Good, but more of the same as we hear from most bands, which is a pity. The band does come off a bit campy, and I must say, any grown Metal band that writes a song called "Black Ninja", and puts it on their album, owes their fans dollar. Who does that?

Bottom line, the album is a good sophomore release from Battle Beast. Some standout tracks are "Raven", "Machine Revolution", and "Fight Kill Die". The overall tone and presence of the album just gets old after a few songs. For a rating I would say a 6 out of 10. As always, stay well, and live free my friends! Cheers!!

3 Star Rating

1. Let It Roar
2. Out Of Control
3. Out On The Streets
4. Neuromancer
5. Raven
6. Into The Heart Of Danger
7. Machine Revolution
8. Golden Age
9. Kingdom
10. Over The Top
11. Kill Fight Die
12. Black Ninja
13. Rain Man
Noora Louhimo – Vocals
Anton Kabanen – Guitar / Vocals
Pyry Vikki - Drums
Juuso Soinio – Guitar
Eero Sipilä – Bass / Vocals
Janne Björkroth – Keyboards / Vocals
Record Label: Nuclear Blast Records


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