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Battlecross – Pursuit Of Honor

Pursuit Of Honor
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 23 October 2011, 11:58 AM

The end of 2010 marked an important stepping stone for this, as they pronounce it, blue collar Thrash Metal band from Michigan. The release of their debut album, “Push Pull Destroy”, aligned them with the giant local label, Metal Blade Records. Exactly a year later, added by several new songs, the band’s debut album was re-releases with extras under the name of “Pursuit Of Honor”. This is BATTLECROSS.

BATTLECROSSis no ordinary Thrash Metal band although like many others that enfold the worldwide scene they chose to mix the old and new wave of Thrash along with harsher elements. “Pursuit Of Honor” showed a high quality musicianship from the five dudes behind the curtain. Moreover, the material itself lashed out with such a powerful ignited spirit along with bombastic combustions that shook the ground under its deathly tone. BATTLECROSS sounded fast, furious, committed and with no mercy. At first it sounded as if it was something similar to the newer releases of 3 INCHES OF BLOOD but in the long run, “Pursuit Of Honor” is an entire different story.

Although the experience lasted for almost about forty minutes, BATTLECROSS were able to convey what they believe in and what they adore and share their enthusiasm. Under the shade of a gruesome set of vocals that went between raspy tones to high and lower grunts of an Orc leader, the instrumentalists charged with might. Through the crushing guitars you might notice that melody is a powerful ally and a companion to the fierce material.  Furthermore, the bass line was equally interesting as it took many lead section roles under its charge. A few impressive lead bass slices can be heard from time to time. As for the drums, total menace is the best phrase the can be given to this exhilarating phenomenon. Think about this show of wonderful technical prowess along with a hefty production to back it up. On paper, this material is the deadliest yet most valuable item in this gold rush. Nevertheless, the rising talent didn’t strike gold, at least not this time around.

The dedication of BATTLECROSS to be diverse and technical while shifting themselves in the world of Thrash Metal, whether classical or brutalized, did bring them honor. “Deception” maneuvered itself between the brute features of LAMB OF GOD and PANTERA to the newer versions of FORBIDDEN and TESTAMENT. However, the amazing melodies outdone what latter bands didn’t quite implemented in their materials. “Man Of Stone” and “Push Pull Destroy” maintained the stronger sense of technical abilities that his band is so proud of, and they should be. “Misery” and “Rupture” may be considered to be the easier tracks as those were more basic in their structures and musical perception in general. Nevertheless, it felt more than once, like on “Breaking You” or “Better Off Dead”, that BATTLECROSS tried too hard to complex their stuff that they forgot about the overall ideas of the songs. There were several areas where if one loses attention he might feel as if he was listening to a totally different song or even a different band. BATTLECROSS might have impressed with strong melodies and musical expertise, yet they tended sometimes to forget that there should be unifying characteristics to each song.

“Pursuit Of Honor” is a good spectacle of musicianship from young Metalheads. Without a doubt that this is diversity in one of its better forms, yet sometimes the attention to basics should be in check. Fans of modern Metal will inhale this release and in fast pace will become fans. BATTLECROSS are tough and are easy target to get attracted to.

3 Star Rating

1. Pursuit of Honor
2. Push Pull Destroy
3. Kaleb
4. Deception
5. Man of Stone
6. Breaking You
7. Rupture
8. Leech
9. Better Off Dead
10. Misery
11. Foreshadowing
Kyle Gunther- Vocals
Tony Asta - Guitar
Hiran Deraniyagala - Guitar
Don Slater - Bass
Michael Kreger – Drums
Record Label: Metal Blade Records


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