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Battlecross - Rise To Power Award winner

Rise To Power
by Craig Thrasher Rider at 30 August 2015, 10:05 PM

Excellent, specializing in Thrash Metal, I was stoked to take on BATTLECROSS when I got asked to review them. I saw a video review from CoverKillerNation (CNK for short) on YouTube before listening to “Rise To Power” and they had me even more stoked to listen to it. It was a positive review and this one will be too. BATTLECROSS are bloody fantastic and contribute Thrash Metal well and keep it alive nicely.

Sounding a lot like BULL-RIFF STAMPEDE who are equally fantastic, both bands sound alike so much and I just had to give them a mention, it's nice to have a UK band (BULL-RIFF STAMPEDE) and an American band (BATTLECROSS) sound so alike and to have in my library, if they both toured one day, I'd totally support that.
BATTLECROSS are from Detroit, MI.

BATTLECROSS have 3 full-length albums before “Rise To Power” and a couple of singles, and having not listened to them yet, I definitely will have to in the future, after listening to this classic multiple times before review. It's great to hear Thrash Metal as true as this, and that it's very much alive and well. So without further ado, let's jam the album bit by bit and give you guys an idea of how “Rise To Power” should sound to you…

Starting with a swerve-like riff, extreme Thrash begins; I can't help but notice Kyle Gunther's highly crushing vocals being the main attraction for this one, the vocals are one of the main reason I mention BULL-RIFF STAMPEDE earlier, Dave Garnett and Kyle Gunther have insanely similar vocals that I think it's good to note. A little melodic like musical in the middle, this is a great song to start the album with.

Not Your Slave
A real headbanging intro begins with this one, I can imagine this being fine live song, that pounding riff had me “fisting” and pumping up for more, and I get delivered that with a fine solo in the middle of the song, keeping the heavy pound I love so much throughout the song, this ranks as one of the greats of the album, well, the entire album, I should say. Tony Asta and Hiran Deraniyagala have really outdone themselves here. As well as Don Slater.

This one includes a fine melodic-like structure, keeping the brutality at a high strong attitude. The Thrash just will not stop. It really is a glorious album for us Thrash heads. Kyle Gunther’s vocals and instrumental talent are of top note worth here. Alex Bent's drumming is also top-notch quality.

That scream at the beginning, Kyle Gunther kills! This one's a very short, rifftastic though.

The Climb
A furious jam here, the riff's explode with high intensity, drums pound like a slamming gate and even noticeable CARCASS-like riffage, make this one added to the top 5 best songs of the album, but I can't stress enough, the album doesn't need a “top 5” best of, it is a best of!

Blood & Lies
Begins with an acoustic-like intro, the rage continues, nothing more to add, great track!

Bound By Fear
A very groovy thrash pounder here, definitely a “top 5” favorite.

A slow introduction begins, and an epic melodic thrasher combined, very groovy.

Sounding similar by the ending to the rest of the album, but the rage and groove is still very much strong here, especially love that riff at the end, very powerful and crushing, this is definitely an album every thrasher needs to own.

The Path
Indefinitely ending the album… Shockingly and ironically enough, the acoustic intro sounds a lot like BULL-RIFF STAMPEDE's “Solace” but with added thrash. It's kind of a scary thought that both bands sound awfully similar.

There we go, in conclusion, the album is very similar to each other but it's a deadly thrasher, one that should be added in every thrasher's collection. Definitely one of the finer bands I've had to review. If you get the chance to see them live, do it. You'll thank me later. Buy “Rise To Power” too and the other 3 albums; this band deserves the attention and to be noticed for one of the newer Thrash bands out there. Thrash is alive and well!


5 Star Rating

1. Scars
2. Not Your Slave
3. Absence
4. Spoiled
5. The Climb
6. Blood & Lies
7. Bound By Fear
8. Despised
9. Shackles
10. The Path
Kyle Gunther - Vocals

Tony Asta - Guitar

Hiran Deraniyagala - Guitar

Don Slater - Bass

Alex Bent - Drums
Record Label: Metal Blade Records


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