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Battlerage – True Metal Victory

True Metal Victory
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 05 January 2012, 1:32 PM

I deem that there will be no end for bands that share such devotion for the Heavy Metal genre. Therefore most of them will carry on writing lyrics to accommodate its existence and its importance in comparison to other genres that aren’t in the definition of what is true. After MANOWAR’s ongoing attempts throughout the years, their spawns began celebrating on their own throughout the world without caring for originality but to what is true for them. For me, BATTLERAGE are that same version of the American giant in South American, to be accurate, in the Chilean borders.

I remember receiving the band’s previous and second album, “Blood, Fire, Steel” and also I have recollections of the high hopes I had for it until I actually listened to it. It wasn’t that of a good Heavy Metal thunder to say the least. Nonetheless, I told myself to keep my hopes up for the next release and there it is. The band’s third and second through Metal On Metal Records, “True Metal Victory”, a title that though utterly predictable and banal still maintained a certain amount of supremacy, barged into my ears with plenty of good will and classic oriented attack of shattering steel.

BATTLERAGE, as one of their prime advantages over the years, know where their loyalties lie and that is for creating honest Heavy Metal without any kind of trends that will spread disease into their material. For being constant in these actions I salute them. Nonetheless, after I finished listening to the album I had almost the same feeling that overwhelmed me after I listened to their previous. Though in overall “True Metal Victory” is an enhancement in distinction to “Blood, Fire, Steel”, it is still not the greatness I would expect from a band that its main career mission is to raise the flag of Heavy Metal so high and mighty no matter how prosaic that aim is. My major source of appreciation for this album began with the opening instrumental of “Battlepath” that emerged as a proud mix of RUNNING WILD and IRON MAIDEN. It showcased such a great image of royalty, like an army ready to march into battle, that truly inflamed my senses. It continued with the ferocity of the “Return of The Axeman”.

The incoming attack sounded so strapping as BATTLERAGE sped with might into a glorious main verse with nice lyrics only to meet a crude solo on its end. The song’s chorus didn’t leave such a mark on me, though it was fine, but the C part that arranged a wonderful a lead guitar presentation in front of a simple, but great, rhythm guitar riffs. As it proceeded to its end I felt a bit over stretched but I eventually lived with that. It seemed to me like the guitarist wanted to illustrate his skills in a performance longer than usual but that was fine. I know that I wrote many words on this song, yet, it other than this one I didn’t quite saw too much glory from here on end.

Before reaching the other tracks, I must acknowledge the guitarist, Daniel Román, that played some nasty licks in the same range of David Shankle, Karl Logan and even Ross The Boss. His great lead guitar work was one of the album’s main improvements and a true source for appreciation. As for the other tracks, the galloping “The Serpent Slumbers” and the finishing straightforward machine of “Warlock's Epitaph”, still kept me believing that BATTLERAGE will one day rise to glory, yet as far as this album went, it wasn’t that different from the previous album.

BATTLERAGE have the energies but here they followed markers that ended up being too obvious and not so interesting. “True Metal Victory”has got lots of guts but it is still far from being a true victory in the name of Heavy Metal. BATTLERAGE represents South America and their country with pride with their consistent music and I do believe in their power to amaze one day. If it will be in small steps that would be also ok.  

3 Star Rating

1. Battlepath
2. Return of The Axeman
3. Blood on Iron
4. Raw Metal
5. Black Sunday (La Maschera del Demonio)
6. The Serpent Slumbers
7. Stygia
8. My Will Be Done
9. Warlock's Epitaph 
Fox-Lin Torres- Vocals
Francisco Vera- Drums
Daniel Román- Guitars
Felipe Vuletich- Bass 
Record Label: Metal On Metal Records


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