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Battlerage - The Slaughter Returns (CD)

The Slaughter Returns
by Grigoris Chronis at 05 December 2008, 9:02 AM

The so-called exotic Metal scene does not enjoy the warmth of acceptance from the majority of Metal fans. If a band does not hail from Great Britain, Germany, USA/Canada or Scandinavia things are not that easy in terms of recognition (and - believe it or not - things roll smoother now; you should have been in the 80s…) plus - of course - sales/tours.
In specific, the Latin side of America still is considered to be an obscure part of the Metal world, with only SEPULTURA or ANGRA being established acts to many. Poor you…it does not have to be a major country or label to make it a good Metal album. There are many examples pinpointing this view, and - still counting strong - Chile's BATTLERAGE is one amongst them. Serving 'battlefield' Metal for more than six years now, this Santiago quintet suffered enough lineup changes in order to solidify a proper clan of thirsty Metal warriors. 2004's Steel Supremacy debut CD received rave reviews from some 'underground' Media and - in general - a good acceptance by the Epic Metal world. The Battlefield Belongs To Me follow-up saw not more than 3-4 new cuts, also including already released material or cover takes. This year's The Slaughter Returns CD shall overpass both preceding releases, even if it should not be considered as a fresh album. Why?
Because this new CD is a combination of the band's first couple of demos, Metal Slaughter (songs 1-5; RUNNING WILD's Preacher cover is excluded) and Return Of The Axeman (songs 6-11; OMEN's The Axeman cover is included) plus a couple of bonus goodies. What the listener shall find in this release is - as may supposed - a blend of epic Heavy Metal with lots of battlefield malice references. The lyrics parts are rather hostile and deal a lot with barbaric warrior stuff; the music is kinda primitive and uncompromised, focusing a lot on the power of guitar riffs and archetypal solos rather than e.g. some harmonies/melodies. On the other hand, the rhythm section is pounding and raw - in uprising or mid-pace or fast tempos - while the vocals will definitely sound peculiar the first time but - for the likes of a 'by far' non-English language speaking country - they are well-worked enough and 'to the point'.
Old-school all the way, BATTLERAGE's style should bring in mind bands like OMEN, 'harsh' MANOWAR, SACRED STEEL, IRONSWORD, MANILLA ROAD, GRAVE DIGGER and PARAGON. I would not recommend this style to metalheads who think that the 'epic' term goes with bands like e.g. RHAPSODY…There are no major differences between the two demos, while the pair of bonus tracks just add pleasure to lovers of the genre. Without being a highlight in epic Metal's timeline, The Slaughter Returns sees satisfaction guaranteed for your 'bloodshed' Metal needs, no question. Songs like By Steel I Reign Supreme, Black Riders OF Destruction and Dark Arrival Of Powers Malign could be in any major Epic Metal band's discography, nonetheless.

3 Star Rating

Mortuus Advocare
By Steel I Reign Supreme
The Battle Slain
Grind Their Bones
Dark Arrival Of Powers Malign
Metal Slaughter
Held High The Chaos Sword
The Axeman (OMEN cover)
Black Riders OF Destruction
From The Deepest Hell
Steel Supremacy
Blessed By The Axe (Bonus Track)
By Steel I Reign Supreme (2006 Version) (Bonus Track)
(current lineup)
Fox-Lin Torres - Vocals
Daniel Roman - Guitars, Backing Vocals
Luis Arenas - Guitars
Rodrigo De La Hoz - Bass
Francisco Vera - Drums, Backing Vocals
Record Label: Metal On Metal Records


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