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Bazzah - Kingdom Of The Dead (CD)

Kingdom Of The Dead
by Evi Tsitsi at 30 November 2004, 9:39 AM

Primordial satanic blasphemic Black Metal by the Malaysians Bazzah, despite the constant oppression of the local government. Maybe the convention which prevails in their country makes Bazzah more aggresive and rageful. The album includes no melodies, no keyboards, no ethereal female vocals. Only rabies, full of hate Black Metal. This report transfered me in the first-steps-of-Black-Metal era, the early 90's, and reminds me of groups like DarkThrone, Dark Funeral, Burzum and Mayhem.
The band exists since the late 90's, it initiated as satanic blasphemy Black Metal. This album, released by From Beyond Productions, has all the tracks of their debut album Death Is All I See… as bonus material. The cover artwork is provided by Ereshkigal, known for her work for bands like Thornspawn, Impiety, Inquisition and Surrender Of Divinity.
So, this album should have been released in the early 90's. Now, in 2004, it has nothing special to give to the Black Metal audience. The fact that the sound of the album has such a low quality makes it meaningless and exaggerately underground. All the songs move in the same paths; scratching guitars, drums which sound like knocks on the door, no bass anywere and the whole sound is like as if it came from a well. But I must say that from the twelfth track and on (all the bonus tracks) things get a litlle better and the sound becomes a little bit more clear.

2 Star Rating

The Unholy Abyss
Evoking The Blackvomit
War Of Apocalypse
Kingdom Of The Dead
Blasphemous Attack
Vision Of Revenge
Possessed On Friday Night
Hellfire In Battlestorm
Final Command For Armaggedon
Bonus Tracks: Prince Of Darkness
The Apparition
Breath Of Dragon
Widow Lust
Witch Queen
Serpent King
Blackvomitz - Vocals
Blacksemen - Guitar
Blackblood - Drums
Record Label: Displeased Records


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