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Be The Wolf – Imago

Be The Wolf
by Dave “That Metal Guy” Campbell at 06 December 2015, 3:21 PM

BE THE WOLF is a Modern Rock band based out of Italy. “Imago” contains ten tracks.

“Signs” leads off the album. It’s a mid-tempo track that definitely fits the genre description. The vocal range is impressive and this is something that you could hear on the radio. “Chameleon” has a little more pick-me-up and extended chorus, and once again it’s the vocals that make the song shine. The riff is a bit meaner and this song comes closer to the Rock side of the style. “The Fall” is a nicely done song, flowing some more emotional elements into the track and really hitting hard on big hooks. “24” has a swinging quality, complete with finger snapping and a rhythmic main riff. This song establishes some style to the album for sure.

“The Comedian” has a little more energy and a lengthy chorus that keeps your focus on the product on point. The riff is easy listening and it just hangs out there for you to grab. There is definitely a story involved in the song “Florida’s Murderer.” This time I get more of a Punk/Pop vibe reminiscent of bands like BLINK 182. There is a dark quality to the raucous fun supplied by the quickened pace and guitar chords. “Dust In Hoffman” is a play on words on the famous actor, that materializes with a lot of vocal harmony and drawn out notes really oozing with feeling. "The House of the Dead Snow” is slower and more reserved and more complex in its delivery. I think if I was going to pick a song to showcase the sound on the album this would probably be the one. Closing the album is “One Man Wolfpack.” There is a little more suspense in the beginning leading to more of a wall of sound from the riff rarely letting up.

For the genre the collection of tracks here is fairly diverse. I don’t think there were any surprises necessarily but it’s an honest take on the style. At times I get a vibe from bands like MAROON 5 and PARAMORE, and as I have stated before much of the strength lies in the vocal abilities of Federico.

3 Star Rating

1. Si(g)ns
2. Chameleon
3. The Fall
4. Jungle Julia
5. 24
6. The Comedian
7. Florinda’s Murderer
8. Dust In Hoffman
9. The House of the Dead Snow
10. One Man Wolfpack
Federico Mondelli – Vocals, Guitar
Marco Verdone – Bass
Paul Canetti – Drums
Record Label: Independent


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