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Bearstorm - Americanus Award winner

by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 28 August 2015, 3:14 AM

Some bands are in the search of a new paradigm in Metal, like IRON MAIDEN and METALLICA found in their most brilliant times. But to be truly honest, to do so, you have to have a great and strong personality within you. The same personality bands from the 70s, 80s and 90s had in order to breed something new. I really believe that a new giant is about to be born at any time, to lead Metal to another level. But the public must understand how these words I'm saying are important. There's no answer laying in the past, so the search points to the future. And who dares wins, and the courageous ones can find a way. And we really can say that thequintet BEARSTORM, from Richmond, Virginia (USA) is extremely courageous. Their album, "Americanus", is a proof of mine words.

Imagine a band that puts in a great cauldron musical influences that comes from extreme Metal (due the harsh vocals in a shrieked way), Progressive Metal (from the very good guitar arragements), and a nasty and heavy rhythmic session that gives a Southern Rock feeling. Add to it some other influences, and you'll hear a very personal and new way of doing music. It's extremely experimental, and can astonish many.

The quality of sound we hear is a very strong one indeed, with everthing going into their respective places, having the necessary weight, but being clear enough for us to understand what the band is doing.

And these five songs are good enough to see a band that does not care for complaints like "the good Metal was done on the 80s". Their time is now, and songs as "Glacial Relic/Riparian Forest" (in fact, two songs in one, the first being harsher and full of thundering guitar riffs and good tempos, but with tons of weight on the tempos; and the second being more melodic and technical, with great work on bass and drums) and the brutal and introspective "Why We Can't Have Nice Things" (using very good changes of tunes on vocals, from shrieked ones to guttural tunes, with some wonderful broken tempos, and again fine riffs). But why in the blazes only five songs? This album is addictiing!

Very good, and can be a spearhead for Metal on the future.

4 Star Rating

1. Glacial Relic/Riparian Forest
2. De Soto
3. Little Portals to the Greater Sadness
4. Why We Can't Have Nice Things
5. Glacial Relic II
Michael Edwards - Vocals
Kelsey Miller - Guitars, fiddle
Greg Bates - Guitars
Jay Lindsey - Bass, midi/synth
Patrick DeRoche - Drums
Record Label: Grimoire Records


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