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Beast Modulus - Being Award winner

Beast Modulus
by Sooraj Ram at 22 July 2017, 9:51 AM

Math Metal is one of the more overlooked/undesirable genres in Metal. The main reason behind this abhorrence is obviously due to the deviant time signatures that perplex the listeners. Yet when Math Metal is intertwined with other aspects, it sounds appealing and relentlessly heavy. BEAST MODULUS is one such band where the music is categorised as Groovy-Math Metal. With influences ranging from COALESCE to KEELHAUL, BEAST MODULUS is essentially a Super group that bears the members from the following acts: DEMILITIA, FAMILY, BEAUTY APES, FLAMING TUSK, PROSTITUTION, KNIVES EVERYWHERE and PART TIME HOODLUMS. Ever since their formation the band has kept themselves busy by writing albums. In 2015, these Groovy Math Metal virtuosos released their self-titled debut album, which had proggy and groovy characteristics along with their original Math Metal tone. After two years of writing and touring, these American Metalheads have finally dropped their second album entitled "Being".

Kick starting the album with some out-of-world electronic effects, "TWRK" sets up a benchmark for this album.The song itself is an epitome of brutality as it starts to get heavier after each and every transition. The most appealing part of this album are the drums; especially given that I am not a huge fan of polished and mastered drum samples - I always prefer raw drum tracks, as it is much more diverse and makes use of every part of the skin you have. With intense growling and piercing falsetto, the Vocalist has nailed the tracks. It’s just a matter of seconds for the album to turn creative and interesting as the opening notes of “Barnburner” create a sense of addiction in your mind; it is perhaps the most creative song of this album, as it tends to have both a heavier and a softer side. With the opening tone creating a sense of melancholy, the part that follows it is truly brutal. As mentioned before, the groovy character makes the perplexing time signatures interesting. With every untimely transition set to blow your head off, the midway solo part adds extra emphasis for the extreme musicianship shown by the band.

With every single song, my respect for the drummer escalates. There are a lot of diverse parts in his rhythms unlike many modern bands, which a staple of blast beats to make their songs heavier. “Skeleton Key” is one such song where you note the diverse drum fills accompanied by the raw and hard hits on the snare. One of the downfalls of such talented and powerful drumming is that it overpowers the Guitar riffs in the background, however, you do get a tinge of lightning fast guitar riffs and MASTODON-esque bass line at the transition of the songs; but apart from that its the drumming that stay on top.

“Everything's Shocking” makes its way to the list of the best tracks of this album. This is where I got to see the insane talent of the band’s vocalist. Here, Kurt Applegate is not just bordering his vocal style to the Death Metal growls he did in previous songs, but features a wide range of screaming that is done throughout the song. However for me it is the solo towards the end that stole the show; a lightning fast solo that shows some hints of Thrash Metal pioneers METALLICA. As the solo saturates you will be left with an insane amount of pleasurable pain after a 30-minute headbanging routine.

Overall, this effort made by BEAST MODULUS is terrific and mind blowing, and is probably the best release of 2017. The band have ideally formulated an equation to produce listenable cross genres, something that most of the bands fail to do when blending any two genres, even though they are easy to experiment with. Kudos to drummer Jody Smith for making the songs memorable; and being a drummer myself I studied and got a lot of new drum rudiments to practice. I am very much excited for their future works, and this on is definitely worth spending your money over.

Songwriting: 10
Originality: 10
Production: 10
Memorability: 10

5 Star Rating

1 Twrk
2.Accustomed to Dysfunction
4.Skeleton Key
5.Running Backwards
6.Everything's Shocking
Jody Smith - Drums
Owen Burley - Guitar
Jesse Adelson - Bass
Kurt Applegate - Vocals
Record Label: Independent


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