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Beatallica - Abbey Load

Abbey Load
by Michael "MettleAngel" Francisco at 29 April 2013, 2:14 PM

Hey Dude, the BEATALLICA Bangers are back with their third studio album proving that these puppet masters of mash-up truly can carry their own weight. Unfortunately, office politics often prevail, and even if this is the first full-length since “Masterful Mystery Tour” nigh four years ago, this album honors THE BEATLES (and their management) by only using the original lyrics for each song derived from “Abbey Road”. This means that all METALLICA references are only to be found within the music, itself. Also, with the blatant exception to “Michelle” which borrows heavily from “For Whom The Bell Tolls”, the majority of the riffs, solos, and suggestions tend to lean toward the second half of “The Big Bay Area Fab Four's” career; hence the reference to “Load” in the title.

“Golden Slumbers” imitates “Until It Sleeps”, and if you pay careful attention you will hear frantic whiplash chords projected from “Death Magnetic”, “Beyond Magnetic”, but thankfully not “Lulu”, all used purposefully all throughout; especially for the ending number.

If you are wondering why several tracks from the original “Abbey Road” are omitted like “I Want You (She's So Heavy)”, this is to assure that Sgt. Hetfield's Motorbreath Pub Band will not burn any bridges with those who own the rights to the Master vintage copies. Thankfully, you can always enjoy the covers of this crushing song by both HALESTORM and CORONER.

Apparently, when the band set out to pay their respects to this supposed final BEATLES' farewell album, they intended to continue with the popular mash-up tradition. The reason there is no “Sun King Nothing”, or “Help-less” is because they wanted to win older fans of THE BEATLES over to  METALLICA and vice versa; well that and to avoid holier than thou legal allegations and courtroom complications. They actually did record several of these ideas, and you can watch them on YouTube playing the forbidden, but not the unforgiving “Something Else Matters”.

As far as the songs themselves, most of them are well-executed. I do prefer THE PORRIDGEFACE's speedier rendition for “Help!” (Happy Birthday Anders!). I definitely prefer TROUBLE's take on “Come Together”. In fact, when I was just a wee lad, and I saw the BEE-GEES and PETER FRAMPTON in the mock-up of the 1978 “Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band “ film, I just assumed that AEROSMITH sang this song, and that the demented dentist played by Steve Martin sang “Maxwell's Silver Hammer”. In fact, my first introduction to THE BEATLES was on a kiddie record called “The Chipmunks Sing the THE BEATLES' Hits”.

If you are wondering if there is still plenty of speed, then with each violent revolution, you will enjoy their approach to the closing medley.  I am quite confident that you will instantly recognize the opening riff for “Mean Mr. Mustard” or the slick licks employed in “Carry That Weight”. The pleonasms for “Polythene Pam” run rampant and strike like lightning to the nations for all those in the realm of they who adore her and “Eleanor Rigby”. Treasure this diamond, and rattle your goddamn head.

Jaymz (Michael "Tinker" Tierney) knows his remorseful reply to the battery of litigation, and he is dealing with these frayed trends of sanity, struggling within to not become broken, beat, and scarred. He has assured me that with this thing, he will not just let it be. In fact, he and his band of misfits are willing to even step out of  THE BEATLES' discography, and focus on some of the artists' solo efforts, most notably the music of WINGS. They began this process on the “Winterplunderband” Christmas (EP), covering both John and Paul's extra-curricular Holiday work.

Personally, I prefer those clever mash-ups which always make me laugh, like “Hey Dude” and “Blackened The USSR”, but I realize how difficult it is to balance that fine line between what is, and what is should not be acceptable. Once the final straw is drawn I know the day will come when all is reconciled. Although, it makes me want to choke the band of lawyer poseurs, or better yet, kill 'em all!

Thankfully when you understand these Milwaukee road whore's history and witness these four masters on tour, you will get trapped under their vice, and become fueled to stand strong, united as one. All you need is blood and sated anger. We demand justice for all, because everyone's got a ticket to riot and fighting, except those mean monkey attorneys and the mad leprous solicitors!

3 Star Rating

1. Come Together
2. I Saw Her Standing There
3. Michelle
4. Help!
5. Please Please Me
6. Blackbird (Instrumental)
7. You Never Give Me Your Money
8. Sun King
9. Mean Mr. Mustard
10. Polythene Pam
11. She Came In Through The Bathroom
12. Golden Slumbers
13. Carry That Weight
14. The End
15. Her Majesty
Jaymz Lennfield – Vocals
Grg Hammetson – Guitars
Kliff McBurtney – Bass
Ringo Larz – Drums
Record Label: Oglio Records


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