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Beaten To Death - Dodsfest

Beaten To Death
by Marcos "The Jungle Guy" Garcia at 14 October 2013, 5:20 PM

After the end of Second wave Norwegian Black Metal, in the fading lights of the 90’s, newer Norway bands entered in a more experimental ways, expanding limits of Metal sub styles. And from time to time, something new comes from that iced country, and a good surprise comes in BEATEN TO DEATH, with their third CD, “Dødsfest!”.

This insane quintet focus their energies creating an extremely violent and insane Grindcore, but at very same, we have more melodic and complex inserts in their music, giving to us all a breath of fresh air, so tired of repetitions and clones on their style. But have in mind: they’re musically insane, sick to the very core, and it’s good.

A very good sound production guarantees the musical massacre of everyone ears, with a lot of grunts and harsh voices, extreme fast and melodic guitar riffs (with some acoustic moments), bass holding its ground and a fast and heavy drums work. Expect your father yelling at your door after play this disc!

The cover shows a more “anti-climate” drawing, but it’s good to evade from a process of “creating a wrong idea” about their work.

It’s not a perfect album, telling the truth. But there are some fine moments as “The Egg Thrower”, “True Norwegian Internet Metal Warrior”, “Dødsfest!” and “The Flesh Prince With Swell Hair”, catching and holding us all by the ears from the start to the end, but the feeling that the can do better than it’s done in the CD is very clear. It’s very good, but BEATEN TO DEATH, of course, does not rest and works hard to do their best, and we really wait for the next one in the future.

4 Star Rating

1. Vulpes Vulpes, Mustela Lutreola, Praedium
2. The Egg Thrower
3. Krepsekamp
4. True Norwegian Internet Metal Warrior
5. Dødsfest!
6. Erik Og Skrik
7. Døv, Døvere, Død
8. Obliteration Of Nekromantheon
9. Nazi Slippers
10. The Flesh Prince With Swell Hair
11. Aspen Hellweek
12. Vinni Butterfly
Anders – Vocals
Martin – Guitars
Tommy – Guitars
Mika – Bass
Christian "Bartender" – Drums
Record Label: Mas-Kina Recordings


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