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Beatrix – Claws Of The Mantis

Claws Of The Mantis
by Metal Wim at 13 April 2022, 6:46 AM

I couldn’t believe my luck. I have actually won a CD on Facebook. It’s by a band with the royal name of BEATRIX (it is the name of our former Queen) and the EP is called “Claws Of The Mantis”. Do I know the band? Not at all. Have I got any clue what kind of music this will be? Yes, actually, I have, as it was won from the page BLACK THRASH and SPEED 666. So yes, it should be loud, fast and heavy. Once I’ve given my address I wait, and finally the package arrives. A very nicely put together CD with five songs, coming all the way from Finland. I start reading all the info on the album and find out that all five songs were recorded in one day. Oh, my God, I am dreading listening to this, because that usually means that the sound is way below par, or in plain English: crap!

So with some degree of trepidation I take the CD, put it in my Cyrus CD player, close it and press play. And lo and behold, the noise starts coming out of my speakers and into my ears. And I am amazed, as it sounds quite good. These guys must have one hell of a rehearsal studio, as I really am very pleasantly surprised by the quality of the sound. I just can’t help but think of how good they would be if they really used a proper studio and did it whilst not having to rush. Nevertheless, this only means it will be very enjoyable to listen to the music.

And it is! Opening song “Maggot Infested Brain” starts off very fast, soon coming down a bit, but still imposing enough. The Death, Thrash and even Black Metal influences are all over the place, whilst still keeping within the boundaries in such a way that the song is very recognisable. This sounds utterly filthy, but the most important aspect of this is the really deranged voice of Suffy. They must have dug him up from some old cemetery, as his vocal cords sound as if they’ve just been resurrected from the dead.

The very fast “Sacrifice Of The Knight” is next, and even now I can’t fault the song as well as the production. Hats off to BEATRIX. Same goes for “Torment Of The Soul”, the slowest song of “Claws Of The Mantis”, but also the most impressive. This certainly would be a real crowd pleaser. The thrashy opening sounds on the extremely fast title track are next, and even though the cracks of the limited recording time start to show, this is still a very good song. “Claws Of The Mantis” has a definite Black Metal underlay, and it works. The depraved feel that BEATRIX is spreading is catching on, and I’m beginning to feel a certain chill come over me.

The last song, “Betrayed By The Coven” is a good end to an impressive debut EP by a very talented bunch of Finnish metallers. This is fast, slow, fast, slow, hard, soft, hard, soft and very much in your face. I’ll say it again, the voice of Suffy is the icing on the cake. So, am I happy with my ill-gotten gains? You bet your sweet arse I am. Extremely so!

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 7

4 Star Rating

1. Maggot Infested Brain
2. Sacrifice Of the Knight
3. Torment Of The Soul
4. Claws Of The Mantis
5. Betrayed By The Coven
M.L. “Suffy” – Screams Of The Mantis
A.H. – Sacrificial Riff Attack
S.J. “Rootie” – Wrath Of Thunder
V.P. “Cervix Destroyer” – Artillery Barrage
Record Label: Nostril Exposing Maniac Records


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