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Beautality - Einfallen: A Tale ov Torment & Triumph

Einfallen: A Tale ov Torment & Triumph
by Marcos “Big Daddy” Garcia at 24 May 2015, 8:23 PM

There are bands that to express their feelings using a musical form uses long songs. This can be a very good insight sometimes, especially if the songs are full of variations in tempos and different moments in each one of them. Using songs that only repeat some simple musical accords can turn the experience to hear an album a true martyrdom, a nightmare. Ok, “Big Daddy” here really understands that opinions are different from a fan to another, but even a fanatic has a limit in his/her patience. But there are bands that use wisely this feature, and some that really needs some improvement. And in the case of the one man band BEAUTALITY that comes from England, the work really needs more evolution. On “Einfallen: A Tale ov Torment & Triumph”, the band’s second album, we can feel it clearly.

The efforts of David Ravengarde are all done in a way to create an atmospheric and harsh music that we could properly name as Atmospheric Post-Black Metal with some touches of Viking/Barbarian Metal influences (specially in some choirs). It has good melodic influences, harsh moments on vocals and guitars, and more introspective ones with clean voices, very good use of keyboards and a solid rhythmic session. All the things are in their in due places, but the only problem is the long time of the songs. Sometimes, it really can bore our minds, because the six songs are all above 15 minutes. Obviously it’s not a torture, for the band is very talented, but a work with some shorter songs would be welcome.

The sound quality is good enough for the band, having the weight it demands, but being as clear as possible for our comprehension of the songs, to hear each musical instrument in their due places and with the right volume level.

As I told above, the band is talented, but imagine yourself with a double CD album, having only six songs, with the mean value of duration of each song being 19 minutes. Obviously, it’s hard, even to those used to hear very long songs.

CD 1 is called “Act One: Torment”, having as best song “Doppelgänger”, with some good variations and fine works from vocals (using harsh and clean voices) and keyboards. And CD 2 is “Act Two: Triumph”, that is better than the first one, “From the Abyss” (with a Viking music influence, having good arrangements on guitars and keyboards) and “Messias” (this one is the better song of the entire album, full of variations of tempos, great arrangements on vocals and guitars, but with a good work done by bass guitar and drums).

Besides the long duration of its songs, “Einfallen: A Tale ov Torment & Triumph” is a good album, honest and can satisfy a Metal fan.

3 Star Rating

Disc 1 - Act One: Torment
1. Einfallen
2. Doppelgänger
3. The Devil’s Elixir
Disc 2 - Act Two: Triumph
1. From the Abyss
2. Messias
3. Unreality
David Ravengarde - Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Drums
Record Label: Nordavind Records


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