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Bed Of A Nun - Waiting For A Visit

Bed Of A Nun
Waiting For A Visit
by Sgt Slayer 666 at 08 February 2016, 11:07 PM

BED OF A NUN are a very interesting band. I wouldn’t describe them as heavy metal at all but there are some heavier moments in what is a very quiet and retrospective record. This is not what I would describe as a radio friendly band but still their songs are none the less still quite catchy and fun to listen to. It’s an album for quite reflection and relaxation. There are some nice gentle moments and use of texture and harmonies that are very soothing. I’m going to start with a quick rundown of some of the tracks.

Frozen” is a soft rocker which although has a lot of cliché effects and attempts to echo still comes across as quite a cool track. It sets the tone for the rest of the album. “Jesus On A Bicycle” the next track takes it up a gear and further away from mainstream. “Face In The Clouds” is another track where acoustic guitar is used beautifully and some gentle but heavier guitar comes in to add color and flavor to paint a picture in your mind.

Downstairs” has the heaviest guitar and even some whistling. These guys are very creative in what they do and have made quite a unique album in which you really need to spend some time to begin to understand all that they are trying to get across. “Deathless While” is one of the few tracks that you could call rockers and has some very cool off beat tweaks that make this probably the most interesting track to me.

Bullet Thoughts “is another rocker and almost gives you the impression that they purposely tried to make the album get rockier as it progressed. “Autumn Train” is a beautiful track and possibly one of my favorite tracks with soft vocals and guitars and is the highlight and most accessible song on the recording. “The Last Song” ties it all up and concludes the theme of death and finds peace in the final moments.

They are very skilled musicians and songwriters and although it’s a very quiet album in my opinion it’s a very thought provoking piece. The lyrical content and phrasing are extremely well thought out the musical conversion is exceptional. The whole album is based on the poems that the singer songwriter Lem Enzinger has created. 11 of the tracks are based on his near death experience and the last track was dedicated to Anton Christian whose paintings were apparently very influential on the creating of the album.


3 Star Rating

1. Frozen
2. Jesus On A Bicycle
3. Howl
4. Face In The Clouds
5. What Is…
6. Downstairs
7. Marble Beauty
8. Deathless While
9. Bullet Thoughts
10. Rebel Boy
11. Autumn Train
12. The Last Song
Günter Maier – Guitars
Lem Enzinger – Vocals
Peter Bachmayer – Drums
Alex Hilzensauer – Bass
Record Label: Pure Rock Records


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