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Bedemon - Symphony of Shadows

Symphony of Shadows
by Lewis McBlane at 10 December 2012, 6:58 PM

BEDEMON have what every band that starts off today's lust over; a bona fide underground legacy. BEDEMON began as an off shoot of very early PENTAGRAM and the side project was maintained through sporadic rehearsal sessions between 1973 and 1986 and after that they dissolved after only recording and handful of demo tapes. However 26 years later BEDEMON are back with a new vocalist, new material and the new album “Symphony Of Shadows”. BEDEMON are ready to bring back true BLACK SABBATH era Doom metal but with a new crisp production.

“Symphony Of Shadows”begins with one of the weakest tracks on the album, “Saviour”. The track starts of sounding nice and heavy but afterwards comes some rushed vocals and some chanting which is obviously meant to give a spiritual atmosphere but sounds very dated and cheesy rather than ominous. While the first impression of the album may not have been fantastic it more than redeems by the second track “Lords Of Desolation” which is simply fantastic. The song is an eerie seven minute funeral dirge that ends up growing into a monolithic beast with Junghadel doing a ridiculously accurate Ozzy Osborne impression.

From the second track onwards the album continues to build on its momentum like a great doom album should and this is because, paradoxically, a great doom metal album should have its up tempo songs otherwise the listening becomes very monotonous. This album has two songs that could be described as fairly up tempo, “D.E.D.” and “Kill You Now”. My favourite out of the two by far is “D.E.D.” as from the intro it is seriously infectious and anthemic, a possible future live favourite in the future perhaps? (Also as a side note don’t confuse up-tempo with happy as “D.E.D” has some of the heaviest lyrics on the album.)

There is not much to be said regarding the production of this album which is a good thing. The production is not by nature something that should stand out, it is something that should remain in the background and allow the music itself to shine and this album exemplifies this extremely well. It has to be said that there is a fair bit of filler in this album. A few of the songs are pretty forgettable with average at best riffs but for every piece of filler there is another amazing two amazing slices of Doom Metal.

It could be said, quite justifiably that this album should have been made in the seventies and to an extent this is true but that is what makes this album unique. If this album had been created forty years ago it may have been momentous or it may have been looked over, however now it will always be remembered. This is a very good album and this is how you would show somebody what Doom Metal is. 

4 Star Rating

1. Saviour
2. Lords of Desolation
3. Son of Darkness
4. The Plague
5. D.E.D.
6. Kill You Now
7. Godless
8. Hopeless
9. Eternally Unhuman
Mike Matthews – Bass and Guitars (Electric and acoustic)
Randy Palmer (R.I.P.) – Guitars
Craig Junghandel – Vocals (Lead and Backing)
Goef O’Keefe - Drums, Percussion, Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals
Record Label: Svart Records


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